Short Blonde Hairstyles

20 Rihanna Short Blonde Hairstyles

We had left Rihanna 15 days ago with hair colored blonde and a look ever more eccentric. They are found today in Barbados, his native island, with short and wavy hair. A more natural style that suits him.  Rihanna has accustomed us to regular changes in haircut and hair color.

1. Short Blonde Hairstyle

In just three years, on has experienced with long hair, a bob cut or a short cut. On the color side, she regularly goes from black raven to blond, but she also tried red or even red. Her hairstyle changes and more and more regularly and more and more eccentric.

Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Natural, Blonde Hairstyles

But it is also a pioneer: we would not have shaved our hair and yet it launched the trend of half hawk and skrillex cut. We do not count the stars having succumbed to these cuts where the hair is worn long on one side and very short, even shorn, on the other. The street then followed. And those who did not dare to catch the razor all the same surfed on the wave by opting for the veneer or an African mat, way side braid.

2. Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Diana, White, Princess, Ice, Baby

Yet despite all her past eccentricities, Rihanna continues to amaze us with every new fad. So when she decided to dye her hair in gray mid-July. A slightly dated hair color that she has yet managed to give a rock’n’roll side. But his “grandma” phase did not last long. Back in Barbados to attend the traditional Carnival of her native island, Rihanna has made a real return to the sources of hair. And that’s almost how it surprises us the most. No more extensions, the singer found the little short haircut that suits her so well. Finished also the colorations, the young woman recovered her dark brown. Finally, Rihanna has also opted for a more natural hairstyle, pretty loops that wave in the wind without making tons.

3. Short Mohawk

Short Hairstyles, Women, Rock, Rihanna, Over, Mohawk

4. Rihanna Short Hair

Short Hairstyles, Kim, Kardashian, Rihanna, Jenner, Fun, Celebrity

5. Rihanna Short Hair

Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Wedding, Exo, Edgy

6. Pixie Cut

White, Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Platinum, Pixie Cut, Long, Ice

7. Short Haircut for Black Women with Color

Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Layered, Women, Shaggy

8. Straight Hair

Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Women, Wavy, Straight Hairstyles

9. Rihanna Short Hair Styles

Indian, Bridal, Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Bride, Wedding

10. Rihanna Sunglasses

Rihanna, Sunglasses, Red, Lob, Lips, Fashion, Blonde Hairstyles

11. Rihanna Blonde Hair Vogue

Rihanna, Blonde Hairstyles, Textured, Hat, Golden, Curly, Colour

12. Rihanna with Short Hair

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Wavy, Rihanna, Long, Keri

13. Blonde Curly Hair

Rihanna, Parton, Dolly, Blonde Hairstyles, Woman, Wavy

14. Straight Blonde

Blonde Hairstyles, Bardot, Short Hairstyles, Shaggy, Rihanna

15. Cute Hair

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Rihanna, Pixie Cut, Undercut

16. Short Choppy Hairstyle

Medium, Length, Shoulder, Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Choppy

17. Curly Blonde Hair

Swift, Rihanna, Curly, Women, Taylor, Short Hairstyles, Pink, Ladies

18. Hot  Short Hairstyle

Medium, Short Hairstyles, Years, Women, Rihanna, Over, Older

19. Short Hair with Bangs

Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Women, Black, Bangs, 2017

20. Short Shaved Hair

Short Hairstyles, Rihanna, Shaved, Blonde Bob Hairstyles



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