Short Blonde Hairstyles

15 Short Blonde Updo Hairstyles

The short cuts, combining femininity and modernity, give us the opportunity to adopt different styles.

1. Short Blonde Updo Hairstyle

Fragmented cutaway boy, curly, gradient, colorful, and sometimes even in contrasting colors, choose the one that pleases us and corresponds to us the most for this year 2018!

Wedding, Warm, Updo, Short Hairstyles, Peinados, Fall, Braided

Many celebrities have adopted short blondes like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian. Polar blond, coloring closest to white is also very trendy. It can be worn on short cuts such as long, smooth or curly. In short, there is the choice!

2. Blonde Balayage Braid

Low, Fishtail, Braided, Wedding, Updo, Simple, Natural, Medium

Indeed, if our sacrosanct square touches our shoulder, it may cut the movement of the hair. If this condition is respected and the cutting  is legal, regardless of the length of locks, it is the cup of all times, and all seasons. Winter or summer, the blonde hairs are everywhere and the style is always with the same elegance.

3. Wedding

Wedding, Updo, Short Hairstyles, Bridal, Women, Updos, Older

To adopt this podium look and adapt it to everyday life, we choose a gel or a wax to tame our mane and position it as we wish.  But beware, this hairstyle, as pretty as it is, does not go to all faces, it attracts attention and is not trivial. It has character, we must assume. This is the kind of beauty that we do not work halfway, shoulders within.

4. Julianne Hough

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Updo, Julianne Hough, Toned

The blond sweep is a partial blonde hair coloring. This technique involves bringing light to the hair. We create very fine strands lighter than your natural color, the goal being that they blend perfectly with the hair, not to change hair color radically but rather to awaken your natural blond. This permanent color made with or without ammonia brings pep and shine to the hair. So, ready to change color and shape smoothly?

5. Elegant Short Hair

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Updo, Women, Updos, Simple, Over, Long

6. Simple Bridesmaid Hair

Updo, Short Hairstyles, White, Wedding, Waterfall, Trends, Trend

7. Kristen Stewart Jimmy Fallon

Short Hairstyles, Kristen, Stone, Stewart, Sharon, Celebrity

8. Hayden Panettiere

Short Hairstyles, Women, Pixie Cut, Theron, Over, Haircut, formal

9. Blonde Updo for Short Hair

Bun, Braided, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Women, Wedding, Updos, Updo

10. Short Hairstyle

Yellow, Short Hairstyles, Braided, Blonde Hairstyles, Bandana

11. Mothers of the Bride Hair Ups

Wedding, Updo, Bride, Upstyles, Shorter, Bridesmaid, Brides

12. Blonde Updo Hairstyle for Short Hair

Woman, Short Hairstyles, Layered

13. Curly Hair

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Updos, Updo, Trendy, Peinados, Longer

14. Hayden Panettiere

Short Hairstyles, Updo, Summer, Model, Medium, Fashion, Cropped, Cannes

15. French Twist Up Dos

Wedding, Thin, French, 2017, Updo, Twists, Twist, Thick, Suitable



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