Short Blonde Hairstyles

15 Short Baby Blonde Hair

Among the thousand and one shades of blonde, the blond is certainly one of the most charismatic. Its natural color borrowed from childhood gives you a look of sexy woman-child. Regarding women who have worn this version over the pages, no wonder it has become iconic.

1. Short Baby Blonde Hair

A single blonde , honey, gold, platinum, there is a multitude of shades of blond among the blonde baby a place of choice. If the name of the latter evokes the blondness of childhood, it is because it mime to perfection! Colder and more natural than the Hollywood platinum blonde, this light blonde beige color imitating the hair color of our heads has no yellow-gold highlights.

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2. Blonde Highlights

Made famous by Grace Kelly, this subtle and sophisticated color becomes the signature hair of the Princess of Monaco and American actress. As beautiful as talented, she was the heroine of Alfred Hitchcock’s many films, which earned her baby blond to be renamed “Hitchcockian blond”. Subsequently, it will also be the blondness adopted by most actresses staged by the famous “master of suspense”.

Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Highlights

3. Baby Blonde with Brown Lowlights

And for good reason, like the platinum blond, the blond baby hangs particularly well on the screen and is thus revealed as the charm of his films in black and white. Hitchcock himself said of Grace Kelly that she was “the opposition between an apparent coldness and an exacerbated sensuality”, and that is exactly what characterizes the blond baby.

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4. Summer Hair 2017

With her perfect curves, her eyeliner-eyed look and her youthful charm, she immediately imposes herself as a sex symbol of the 1960s. And her blondness is no stranger because it is she who fascinates. Falsely innocent, the blond baby is then renamed blonde BB, in reference to the starlet Brigitte Bardot, elevated thereafter to the rank of icon. A color that has become so legendary today that actresses like Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan always favor it for its crazy looks.

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5. Messy Wavy Hair

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6. Bob Hair

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7. Wavy Hair

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8. Baby Blonde Ombre Hair

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9. Wedding Hair

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10. Short Baby Blonde Hair

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11. Khloe Kardashian

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12. Back View

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13. Lowlights for Blonde Hair

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14. Choppy Baby

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15. Lob Hair

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