25 Blonde Hair Colors And Styles

In Hollywood, the stars go under the spell of platinum blond to charcoal black. But as spectacular as they are, these metamorphoses are sometimes debatable … To make the right choice of color according to your profile.

1-Blonde Hair Colors and Style

Blonde hair for a sunny effect Also called Californian blond, it instantly evokes the summer holidays! It sublimates all the shades of blond thanks to its warm tones and its ultra-luminous reflections. The Californian blond is especially remarkable when illuminates a dark blonde. It suits perfectly all the carnations, the pale hues with the most tanned skin.

Blonde Hair Colors and Style, Hair Color Blonde Trends

Highlights and balayage energize your blonde by choosing this color full of character! It is perfect for light bases for a rock, glamorous or assertive look. Three golden rules are essential for a perfect rendering: take care of your lengths, avoid the root effect and finally, opt for a fresh makeup, especially in terms of complexion.

2-Highlights and Balayage

Highlights and Balayage, Blonde Hair Color Highlights

Dark blonde ombre to camouflage the first white hair. On this chic color with cool shades and gray highlights. Essentially for this reason, it is top to apprehend your first white hair. In addition, the dark blonde ombre values unparalleled Nordic beauties with pale complexions and light eyes. Once adopted, its natural rendering boosts your hair, while providing intensity and depth.

3-Dark Blonde Ombre

Dark Blonde Ombre, Blonde Balayage Hair Wavy

The little defeat of the platinum blonde hair is that tarnishes quickly. To maintain its intensity and brightness, ask for a Gloss Salon. This exclusive tone-on-tone coloring  is realized on your lengths which are natural or colored to act as a varnish that boosts the color at the same time as the shine of your hair. It then fades progressively with no root effect for a flaming red.

4-Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair, Hair Blonde Balayage Color

If you want to bring light to your hair by showing beautiful reflections, ” we go into the salon to make a care that revives the color and gives reflections. Balayage ombre style gives you natural touching.

5-Balayage Ombre Style

Balayage Ombre Style, Blonde Hair Balayage Platinum


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Blonde Hair Hairtyles Colors



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