28 Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

Venetian blond, light golden brown, warm brown, ash brown … there are so many hair colorings possible and imaginable that we do not know which color to choose. Certainly, we can draw inspiration from trendy colors. But the transition from blond to raven is not in the name of fashion, it is not recommended. Here are the colors to favor according to your natural color.

1-Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Dark Color Sandy

Trends is a chosen one. A color adapted to a natural hair color!

To respect the health of her hair, on the color in the right colors for blondes is on blonde, and in the right colors for brown if is brown.

Which color to choose when one is blonde?

2-Natural Grey and Ashy Blonde Hair

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40 Blonde Hair Color Ideas

What women want in coloring is a word: naturalness. And as everyone says, the natural, it’s not an easy task! Opinion of experts and care tailored to the color of your hair.

What are the best hair coloring techniques for our hair today? At home, what are the best care to fix this color that no eye can differentiate from the natural?

1-Blonde Hair Color Idea

Blonde Hair Color Idea, Blonde Hair Length After

The trends of tie and dye and shadows

“The tie and dye is no longer a fashion since it has become a classic,” says Frédéric Mennetrier, colorist and creator of Atelier Blanc, in Paris.

2-Shoulder Length Hair

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20 Blonde And Red Hair Color

Blonde or red? It is the eternal that raises Venetian blond hair. The writing to decrypted this particular shade.

Between a warm blonde with golden and coppery highlights, and a very light red, our heart swings. And to (finally) answer the question that everyone asks, the blond Venetian belongs to the family of redheads.

1-Blonde and Red Hair Color

Blonde and Red Hair Color, Hair Blonde Red Color

Strange for a color called “blonde” Venetian. Although some even call him “blond strawberry”.

2-Melt Color

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28 Blonde And Pink Ombre Hair

Between golden blond, peach and apricot hues and pastel pink, the rose gold coloring is unique. Frozen frantically on Pinterest’s most fashionable boards, the trendy pink gold hair seduces both blondes and brunettes, shaded hair rose gold, metallic sweeping or total uniform look. And you, are you ready to wear golden hair (pink)?

1-Blonde and Pink Ombre Hair

Blonde and Pink Ombre Hair, Hair Pink Ombre Hiukset

You could not escape the pink gold trend. Also called “pink hair” (we speak well of coloring, not your summer afterworks), this hue is between a blond and a light pink chestnut dyed with coppery highlights.

2-Pink Hair

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28 Long Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes

Naturally clear hair color and blue eyes. Natural, your hair color oscillates between chestnut and blond. Your beautiful blue eyes are an asset to take into account to choose the color of your color. Rely on your basic light color by opting for a golden or coppery color, a Venetian blond or a blond honey for example. In general, all shades of blond or kitten emphasize your blue eyes.

1-Long Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Long Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes, Hair Blonde Color Strawberry

If you want to lighten your hair, go to the blonde; if you want to darken them, go for a darker chestnut. The red but also the brux (mixture of brown and red) also agree with the blue eyes. And for those who want to stand out, dare red or mahogany.

2-Dark Blonde Straight Hair

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30 Black And Blonde Hair Color

Black is black! On the hair color chart, it’s the darkest color, and it’s not a coincidence: you can not have light black.

Unlike red, chestnut or blond, the black color is not a lot of reflections because they do not hang. Blue, red or purple, but not golden, shades can be obtained.

1-Black and Blonde Hair Color

Black and Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Hair Highlights Black

The black coloring can be applied to all bases, and all original colors. If you start from a light blond or a chestnut, you will have to make a permanent hair coloring.

2-Black Underneath

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40 Blonde and Brown Highlights Hairstyles

Blonde, wild brown, glowing red … We like to change hair color like shirt, go from blond to brown and vice versa. But which color suits us best? Blonde hair? Brown? Between “men prefer blondes” and “brunettes count for prunes”, we get lost. And if it was redheads? Our investigation tries to solve this mystery!

1-Blonde and Brown Highlights Hairtyle

Blonde and Brown Highlights Hairtyle, Blonde Balayage Highlights Hair

All I have to do in the morning: irvingistable to change, it, now, all of süite.

2-Champagne Blonde Highlights

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35 Honey Blonde Hair Color

Venetian blonde, golden blond, ash blonde, platinum blonde, hard to know where to turn with these multiple shades! To choose harmonies rather warm (blond honey, golden) or cold (blond white, blond beige, pearly, ashy), study your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

1-Honey Blonde Hair Color

Honey Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Hair Color Honey

For matte, almost yellow skin, choose rather golden hues. For skin a little clearer, see dew, we will select on the other hand shades colder, almost ashy. But it is usually your hair base that will determine the best color to adopt.

2-Golden Brown Caramel

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25 Honey Blonde Short Hairstyles

Bright and glamorous, the blonde hair, the eyemilluminates the face. There are thirty different shades of blondes.

1-Honey Blonde Short Hairtyle

Honey Blonde Short Hairtyle, Balayage Blonde Honey Hairtyles

From blond gray to platinum blond, the gap is big. However, this summer, it is the blond honey that flew on the beauty planet. Golden, not too clear, very cold, it gives good appearance to fair skin and sublime complexions dull.

2-Short Bob Layered Cut

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38 Long Ombre Blonde Hair Ideas

Who has not dreamed of giving in to the trend of the long ombre hair? Also called shaded hair, this color that suits both blondes and brunettes puts the root effect in the spotlight. The more you go down to the tips, the more the hair is illuminated, up to 2 or 3 shades lighter than the base. All in a fine and subtle rendering, because it’s a sweep it is. We are all in cahoots with the shaded sweep, the proof in 38 inspirations.

1-Long Ombre Blonde Hair Idea

Long Ombre Blonde Hair Idea, Ombre Hair Blonde Long

The trend of shading, or shaded hair, adds to that of the sinking, the bronde, the Californian sweep or the tie and dye, a whole panoply of colorations in nuances that we have melted for a little while.

2-Blonde Balayage

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