Ash Blonde Hair Color

20 Ash Blonde Hair Color

Venetian blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde, platinum blonde, hard to know where to turn with these multiple shades! To choose the harmonies rather warm (blond honey, golden) or blond (blond white, blond beige, pearly, ashy), study your eyelet and the color of your eyes.

1-Ash Blonde Hair Color

Almost yellow skin, choose rather golden hues. For skin a little clearer, see dew, we will select on the other hand shades colder, almost ashy. But it is usually your hair base that will determine the best color to adopt. This will depend on the color of your hair base. Thus, the clearer your hair, the more you will tend towards less aggressive and more natural techniques for the hair.

Ash Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Hair Color Balayage

Thus, we first gauge the complexion to better adapt the reflections. The polar blondes are rather reserved for very pale complexions while the golden blond goes very well with the golden skins.  The natural color of the hair is also important: if our hair is rather golden at the base, it will be hard to get a white blond. We stay in a solar blond, golden, honey or caramel. For a very light blonde, the ideal is an ashy base. Another determining factor is the color of the eyes.

2-Ashy Blonde

Ashy Blonde, Blonde Hair Ashy Color

Side retouching, a blond resulting from total discoloration requires to be reworked in the living room (to camouflage the roots) every 3 weeks or so. If, on the other hand, the technique performed is a scan, one can be content with editing every 2 or 3 months. Meanwhile, Romain Plard advises, however, to redo a patina, which will neutralize the reflections, because the blonde is very sensitive to external phenomena, so it is a color that moves a lot.

3-Silver Blonde

Silver Blonde, Blonde Hair Ash Color

Before any choice, it is important to know that the term “layered ash” does not indicate a precise color but a reflection. We start on a basic color, like blond, brown or chestnut in this case, and we apply different kinds of reflections. Like the violet and bluish, the “ash” is emitted from the family of reflections to cold tons. They are distinguished from hot tons, such as golden shades, iridescent, copper or mahogany. The ash reflections subtly draw on the gray.

4-Layered Ashy Hair

Layered Ashy Hair, Makeup Hair Color Coloring

The bright ashy blonde balayage locks or the blonde sweep may be quite suitable for light blonde hair (or very light), light brown. These techniques make it possible to create a more sophisticated hair with copper, caramel or golden highlights.

5-Bright Ashy Blonde Balayage

Bright Ashy Blonde Balayage, Blonde Balayage Hair Ash


Blonde Hair Balayage Dirty


Blonde Balayage Hair Ash


Blonde Ash Hair Color


Blonde Hair Bronde Choppy


Hair Blonde Ash Color


Blonde Ash Hairtyles Hair


Blonde Platinum Dark Ash


Blonde Hair Ash Balayage


Blonde Hair Ash Shades


Blonde Hair Ash Color


Blonde Balayage Hair Color


Blonde Hair Ash Balayage


Balayage Blonde Hair Ash


Blonde Balayage Bob Ash


Blonde Hair Ash Balayage



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