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23 Ciara Short Blonde Hair

This color becomes mythical at the beginning of the 50’s. Thanks to Marilyn Monroe in particular, platinum blond rhymes with femininity and glamor. Today, there are countless actresses who wear this hair color for a role or in everyday life. Became timeless, this color is very close to white. It is indeed a blond very clear and bright. It also requires a lot of maintenance and regular care.

1-Ciara Short Blonde Hair

If  blonde attracts women, it is also very restrictive. It is a radical color, which does not do in the half-measure. It is therefore important to think carefully before taking the plunge. If your hair is blond Venetian, red or light brown, you will have no problem. On the other hand, like Ciara, a lot of artists use this style.

Ciara Short Blonde Hair, Hair Ciara Blonde Singer

When the wavy bob cut is square and smoothing is straight, it has a graphic look ultra-defined. Simple but strong, and very chic, the smooth bob always promises a lot of pace! The style, it’s a classic.

2-Side Parted Wavy Bob

Side Parted Wavy Bob, Bob Hair Short Hairtyles

The lob cut brings a very structured volume on the top of the silhouette. It undulates and rebounds flexibly to each of our movements, not without reminding us of the lightness of the roaring twenties. Although this ultra-feminine hairstyle is full of sweetness, it is often the best way to bring a final touch of perfection to a rock look. When fringed, it has a “shaggy” look that is also very popular.

3-Lob Cut

Lob Cut, Hair Bob 2018 Alba

Blonde Balayage is a chemical action that changes the natural color of hair. In fact, it therefore sensitizes the hair fiber systematically. On the other hand, the whole of the hair is not concerned since the scanning is a technique of partial staining.

4-Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage, Hair Ciara Color Blonde


The Blonde Low Bun is also very good with a square or a court that gives relief to the coloring. And this is even more true for a white sweeping white that wins to be worn with a root effect on short hair.

5-Blonde Low Bun

Blonde Low Bun, Hair Blonde Hairtyles Color



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