Medium Blonde Hairstyles

25 Short to Medium Blonde Hairstyles

What is a classic color? This is a goal of brightening or changing your natural color in the procedure of staining or fading wicks. This process is ideal for changing hair. By opting for a medium blonde hair, you find the heat and light on your hair in lack of radiance.

1-Short to Medium Blonde Hairtyle

Short to Medium Blonde Hairtyle, Blonde Medium Length Hair

All about the medium blond to dark brown, it will always take into account your basic color, but also the color of your skin, your eyes and your eyebrows to choose the appropriate color of the reflections to give. Whether golden blond, ash blond, caramel or honey, the sweep will blend with your color for a more natural effect. In order to give it all the relief it deserves, consider cutting it to a minimum.

2-Ash Violet Blonde

Ash Violet Blonde, Blonde Hairtyles Medium Hair

The medium blonde hair has the advantage of adapting to all types of hair. Whether stiff, curly or frizzy, everyone can adopt it. It will give the straight hair more volume thanks to a rather irregular coloring of the roots to the tips.

3-Mid Length

Mid Length, Blonde Hair Hairtyles Kristin

Focus on the lightest shades around your face and on the top of your head. For curly hair, we put on the depth by reinforcing the blond sweep on half-lengths and ends. For short hair and degraded, we will adopt a flash method. It is characterized by a discreet effect on the roots and an accentuation of the color on the tips in a rather irregular way.

4-Layered Wavy Hair

Layered Wavy Hair, Choppy Blonde Shaggy Medium

For long and medium length hair, light locks will be scattered in the mass to warm it up. It is also possible to accentuate those that are in the neck if you have the habit of tying your hair.

5-Platinum Blonde Medium Short Hair

Platinum Blonde Medium Short Hair, Blonde Hairtyles Rai Aishwarya

It is necessary to take some precautions when opting for the blond sweep. Indeed, a bad application or an error in the choice of the hue would be seen immediately, and would deprive you to take full advantage of your new hairstyle.


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Blonde Hair Medium Length


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