25 Blonde And Purple Hairstyles

It’s not just people with gothic looks who can wear purple hair. There is a wide range of shades that can change to any style. On the condition of accepting not to go unnoticed: we say, purple often makes a vibrant effect and dress. It can illuminate a look in an unusual way, but can also be elegant and soft. To each its purple!

1-Blonde and Purple Hairtyle

Blonde and Purple Hairtyle, Hair Purple Ombre Blonde

For a long time, unusual hair colors like blue, green or purple were cataloged. They were more or less reserved to people in the spirit of rock’n’roll, punk, gothic or manga fans!

2-Purple Blonde Balayage

Purple Blonde Balayage, Hair Purple Blonde Coloring

Today, the colors adapt, and especially the violet which brings a sweet and romantic appearance. But having purple hair means choosing an artificial color that stands out and that brings a very personal touch to his appearance and look.

3-Pale Purple Ombre

Pale Purple Ombre, Hair Blonde Purple Madison

These atypical stains are generally available in specialized brand ranges, but also in coloring brands say “classics”. On the other hand, although hypermarkets sometimes offer them, it will be easier to find this type of color.

4-Lavender Pastel Hair Colors

Lavender Pastel Hair Colors, Hair Thin Blonde Fine

Atypical colors are usually ammonia-free and peroxide-free, and are semi-permanent. That is to say, they disappear little by little, with each shampoo. However, it must be kept in mind that they do not lighten the hair to obtain a precise result: the original color of the hair is therefore an important element to take into account. It is often necessary for brown or dark brown hair discolor beforehand.

5-Light Purple Ombre

Light Purple Ombre, Hair Color Purple Light

There are many shades of purple, electric or pale, ranging from pastel violet to dark purple, lilac, parma, lavender or plum. Each can therefore find the purple that suits his natural color, his complexion and his personality, simply.


Blonde Hair Purple Bob

You have to choose the violet color according to your natural hair color. Light-skinned blondes will rather go on a pastel violet who will respect the complexion of their skin and will not turn purple flashy, unless it is the desired result.


Hair Purple Blonde Hairtyles


Hair Purple Blonde Ashy


Hair Blonde Purple All


Hair Blonde Purple Color


Blonde Hair Purple Highlights


Hair Ombre Purple Reverse


Blonde Balayage Hairtyles Hair


Purple Hair Hairtyles Fun


Hair Purple Ombre Fun


Purple Highlights Hair Color


Hair Color Purple Dye


Hair Purple Blonde Blondes


Hair Purple Blonde Black


Hair Blonde Purple Medium


Hair Purple Blonde Blondes


Hair Purple Pink Rock


Hair Color Purple Pastel


Hair Purple Blonde Blue


Hair Purple Coloring Hani



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