28 Blonde And Pink Ombre Hair

Between golden blond, peach and apricot hues and pastel pink, the rose gold coloring is unique. Frozen frantically on Pinterest’s most fashionable boards, the trendy pink gold hair seduces both blondes and brunettes, shaded hair rose gold, metallic sweeping or total uniform look. And you, are you ready to wear golden hair (pink)?

1-Blonde and Pink Ombre Hair

Blonde and Pink Ombre Hair, Hair Pink Ombre Hiukset

You could not escape the pink gold trend. Also called “pink hair” (we speak well of coloring, not your summer afterworks), this hue is between a blond and a light pink chestnut dyed with coppery highlights.

2-Pink Hair

Pink Hair, Hair Pink White Ombre

It is therefore a metallic color pinkish and golden at a time.

And what if the shaded hair dared? For some seasons now, this colorful gradient has seduced more than a stylish girl. Two colors with a clear demarcation, a complete scanning process, a coloring is a perfect balance. For the result to be melted, the colorist applies little product at the mid-lengths and a lot of product at the tips.

3-Soft Pink Ombre

Soft Pink Ombre, Hair Pink Capelli Some

As in makeup, the important thing is the shading. The advantage of this hair trend? One can as well make natural hair as discolored hair. So, a brunette can get a shaded hair with caramel lengths and blonde tips. But a discolored blonde can be very good for a gradient from (fake) blond to blue. Everything is a matter of taste … and color.

4-Pastel Color

Pastel Color, Hair Pink Blonde Włosy

Pink gold hair, for whom?

Frankly, here is a hair color that goes to everyone!

On a light blond or a golden blond, we adopt the pink gold color in total look and we play on red and strawberry reflections, which will illuminate the hair (because if it is not bright, it is not the l ‘gold).

5-Rose Gold Ombre

Rose Gold Ombre, Blonde Hair Gold Rose

Fine pink gold highlights will further flatter a natural chestnut color. Better to do a sweep to play with the nuances and get a more subtle result.


Hair Pink Cropped Coloring

The brunettes, meanwhile, can not hope to achieve the same result as a rose gold blond. For them, the ideal is to play with the contrasts: a shaded gold hair rose, or downright a tie and dye with well marked roots.


Rose Gold Hair Blonde


Hair Ombre Pink Up


Hair Gold Ombre Blonde


Hair Purple Pink Blonde


Hair Bob Ombre Short


Hair Blonde Pink Ombre


Pink Hair Pastel Dye


Hair Pink Ombre Blonde


Hair Pink Blonde Ombre


Hair Pink Ombre Blonde


Hair Pink Blonde Color


Blonde Hair Highlights Color


Hair Blonde Pink Ombre


Hair Pastel Włosy 45


Hair Pink Ombre Blonde


Hair Pink Creative Sims


Hair Pink Ombre Blonde


Hair Pink Color Blonde


Hair Pink Edgy Fun




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