20 Blonde And Red Hair Color

Blonde or red? It is the eternal that raises Venetian blond hair. The writing to decrypted this particular shade.

Between a warm blonde with golden and coppery highlights, and a very light red, our heart swings. And to (finally) answer the question that everyone asks, the blond Venetian belongs to the family of redheads.

1-Blonde and Red Hair Color

Blonde and Red Hair Color, Hair Blonde Red Color

Strange for a color called “blonde” Venetian. Although some even call him “blond strawberry”.

2-Melt Color

Melt Color, Hair Red Ombre Hairtyles

A lighthouse color in the Renaissance

For the record, the Venetian blond is named after the Renaissance. At this time, in Italy, and especially in Venice, women used to expose their hair at the time of day when UV rays were the strongest, while coating them with a precious blend of lemon juice and saffron. The combination of this mixture with the rays of the sun offered their hair pretty reddish and coppery reflections.

3-Rose Gold to Blonde

Rose Gold to Blonde, Hair Gold Rose Balayage

How to maintain the Venetian blond?

If the hair is naturally blond Venetian, the ideal to put its color in value is to opt for a shampoo and a care revealing of color, so as to revive the brightness of the hair.

For blondes who would like to switch to Venetian blond, if the coloring phase does not frighten, why not start with a simple natural henna coloring?

4-Dark Red Blonde Ombre

Dark Red Blonde Ombre, Hair Red Ombre Blonde

As for dark hair, to get a beautiful blonde Venetian, no secret: it will discolor hair. And so that your Venetian blond does not turn to Venetian yellow, it will be necessary to use off-the-counter shampoos, repigmenting treatments or colored hair products to revive the glints of the hair.

5-Natural Red Ombre Hair

Natural Red Ombre Hair, Ombre Hair Red Blonde

Finally, just like blond hair, blond Venetian hair can not tolerate the sun: it is better to protect your hair from UV rays, especially in the middle of the summer, by covering your head or using specialized products.


Hair Red Color Blonde

Although rare, Venetian blond remains a very trendy color. And many are the stars to have adopted or at least to have tried. And for good reason, the Venetian blond is one of the only colors that suits wonderfully to the matte skins as well as the fair skin.


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Hair Ombre Red Color


Hair Red Blonde Bun



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