20 Blonde Caramel Hair Color

Caramel coloring is the assurance of the mane warm and full of light. But how to get a caramel color? Who can display a caramel blond? We tell you everything about this trendy and timeless hair color.

1-Blonde Caramel Hair Color

Blonde Caramel Hair Color, Blonde Caramel Hairtyles Up

Caramel, a color that has all good

Caramel is a hair dye that illuminates the manes. Gourmet, it revives natural hair to accentuate our resolutely feminine and elegant side.

So Chic …

2-Caramel Blonde Balayage in Brown Hair

Caramel Blonde Balayage in Brown Hair, Blonde Balayage Caramel Hair

What’s great about this color is that the caramel is suitable for brunettes, blondes and auburn hair.

The golden caramel subtly brings a touch of warm light to the hair.

3-Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights, Blonde Hair Caramel Highlights

So whatever your skin tone (light complexion or dark skin), golden shades of caramel color will perfectly fit you.

The thing is that the mixture of warm and bright pigments can soften the facial features.

4-Dark Brown Hair with Blonde

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde, Blonde Highlights Hair Brown

How to get a caramel color?

First advice that we can give you: let a professional make history to avoid the hair disaster.

Then, if you are not really adept at the colorations frank, put all the caramel sweep.

The reflections brought by the sweeping technique will bring light to your hair in a “holiday-like” way and the rendered look will be totally natural and in harmony with the natural base of your hair color.

5-Caramel Blonde Bob

Caramel Blonde Bob, Blonde Caramel Layered Hairtyles

If you prefer a real caramel color, then everything will depend on your base. If you are dark, it will discolor the hair to have a caramel result.

If you are clear, then you will more easily get a caramel golden effect.


Blonde Caramel Balayage Hair

Attention: as for all colorations, it is imperative to make nourishing care to bring shine and strength to your mane.

Caramel: star coloration among people!

If there is a hair color that pleases our friends celebrities, it is the caramel shade.


Balayage Blonde Ash Color

Spotted on Jessica Biel, J.Lo, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston or Lucie Hale: they swear by the caramel coloring! And all the better because it’s pretty good for them, do not you think?


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