25 Blonde Curly Hairstyles

If going to the hairdresser you itch in early 2018, take a look at our inspirations especially for curly girls like Rihanna, Diane Kruger or Salma Hayek. Cut ideas and hairstyles tend to copy.

1-Blonde Curly Hairtyle

Blonde Curly Hairtyle, Curly Hair Short Hairtyles

The short square, the big trend 2018

After making smooth hair happy, the blunt bob (understand square straight cut) invades the curly heads. Since the beginning, we see it in all the stars and influencers like Vanessa Hudgens. To wear well, it must be adopted over the shoulders. The spikes must just get to the ears. Longer, beware of the hair mass effect.

2-Concave Curly Bob

Concave Curly Bob, Curly Bob Bronde Blonde

Loops and bangs, the stylish association

Who said that curly hair did not have the right to bangs? Surely not us. Loops in battle on the forehead, this is the new trend of 2018. No question therefore to smooth its beautiful springs, we leave them natural, lengths eyebrows. And if you need to do a little editing home, do not forget to cut dry to avoid surprises!

3-Curly Updo Style

Curly Updo Style, Hair Curly Hairtyles Styles

The most beautiful hairstyles on curly hair

There is no doubt, there are hairstyles that particularly flatter curly heads. Starting with the high ponytail. Thanks to your hair mass, this hairstyle immediately takes on a spectacular dimension. Side braids, the waterfall mat is amazing on curly hair. The canvas is full of tutorials and step by step, so learn to master it quickly.

4-Thick Hair

Thick Hair, Curly Hair Big Styles

The maintenance of curly hair

It’s a fact, curly hair is much more demanding than its smooth competitors. Because of its “twisted” shape, curly or wavy hair does not properly receive the sebum secreted by the scalp. It is less hydrated and faster to break. Weekly care is essential to keep them beautiful and strong. Adopt the Sunday evening oil baths: brush your lengths of coconut oil and wrap them in a warm towel. Leave overnight and rinse the next morning. Softness effect guaranteed!

5-Simple Half Bun

Simple Half Bun, Fashion Hair Style Clothes


Curly Hair Half Bun


Curly Hair Styles Michael


Curly Hair Thick Curls


Curly Hair Long Perm


Curly Short Hairtyles Hair


Curly Hair Curls Blonde


Curly Hair Shag Short


Curly Hair Hairtyles Styles


Curly Short Very Hair


Curly Hair Styles View


Curly Bronde Bob Golden


Curly Hair Styles Cutting


Curly Hair Blonde Short


Curly Hair Short Cam


Hair Natural Curly Styles


Curly Hair Naturally Styles


Hair Curly Styles Curls


Curly Blonde Bobs Length


Hair Blonde Curly Styles


Curly Hair Styles Natural

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