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18 Long Icy Blonde Hair Color

When you think of Marilyn Monroe, you immediately visualize her icy blond and her red mouth. But how to appropriate this cold blond and iridescent? From the moment of reflection to the technique of the hairdresser to his interview, find all our advice to have this mythical color.

1. Platinum Blonde with Lowlights

Blonde, Platinum, Lowlights, İcy, Highlights, Balayage

Whether one is already blonde or redhead or brunette, the discoloration stage is inevitable to get a beautiful glossy blond. That says discoloration, says professional technique. The darker your natural color, the longer the time spent at the hairdresser. It is therefore important to think carefully before making the step to avoid all regrets and thus inflict to his hair a radical change somewhat abrasive.

2. Luxury for Princess Light As Blonde

Blonde, Light, Fashion

What’s the difference with platinum blond?

Let’s face it, the nuance between a platinum blond and an icy blond is tenuous. Since these two colors have the basis of discoloration, everything will be played in the choice of patina. This is the product that is added after oxidizing the hair to make the color harmonious and especially choose the reflection that will bring depth to the coloration. If for the blond platinum on “pastelise”, for the glossy blond one will opt for more iridescent but cold shades. The challenge in this kind of technique is to ensure that your hair does not turn yellow.

3. Blond

Blonde, Long, İcy, Balayage, Highlights, Curls

Who can throw in the icy blond?

Today, many dark-haired celebrities have democratized the approach of fading. But let’s not lose sight that these stars have the time and the means to spend hours on their blond whether it is glossy or platinum, as long as it is discolored. Nevertheless, everyone can take the icy blond. The ideal is to do it on short hair and especially in good health! The longer the length, the more the hair may be damaged and the more complicated the maintenance will be.

4. Icy Silver Blonde Hair

Blonde, Platinum, White, Silver, İcy, Balayage

How can you protect your icy blond?

Discoloration attacks the hair in depth. Gold with a sensitized hair fiber it is important to maintain its glossy blond in three crucial steps.

5. Icy Pearl Blonde Hair

Blonde, İcy, Balayage, Jenna, Colours

6. Cute Hair

Blonde, Highlights, Balayage, Real, İcy

7. Icy Blonde Hair

Blonde, İcy, Highlights, Balayage, Platinum, Kim, Blondes, Ash

8. Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots

Blonde, Steele, Platinum, İcy, Dark, Amanda

9. Platinum Hair Grown Out

Blonde, Modern, Balayage, Platinum, Correction, Colours

10. Professional Icy Blonde Toner

Blonde, Balayage, Toner, İcy, Toned, Professional

11. Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Platinum, İcy, Ash

12. Straight Hair

Blonde, Shades, Colorful

13. White Platinum Blonde Hair

Blonde, White, Platinum, View, Loren, Facial, Cara

14. White Ashy Blonde

Blonde, Platinum, Highlights, White

15. Icy Platinum Blonde Hair

Blonde, Platinum, İcy, İce, Balayage

16. Ponytail

Sunglasses, Ray, Blonde, Shades, Klum, Heidi, Girls, Eye

17. Guy Tang Blonde Hair

Blonde, Year, Highlights, Grey, Colors, Balayage

18. White Hair in Ponytail

White, Ponytail, Length, Grey, Blonde




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