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27 Long Blonde Hair

One morning, the doubt falls. It comes around 34 years for the shy, 44 for the uninhibited. Hair dryer by hand, poorly awakened, it surprises its reflection in the mirror and it is the obvious: “Long hair, I spent the age”.

1. Beautiful Long Blonde Hair

Blonde, Long, Ombre, Women, Balayage

If she has always seen us with long hair, she panics (“You’re not going to cut them?!! It’s all right, smart! “). Yes, women arestruggling with radical change (at least with regard to the appearance of their half): “What, it wouldn’t suit me, right?”

2. Long Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde, Pretty, Long, Lips, Fashion, Berry, 206

But if she dares to throw us a too light “oh what a good idea,you have a haircut now?”, you get into a ball and you grumble inside: “She doesn’t care about your shaggy or does it really take time for me to go square?”

3. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Up, Half, Down, Bun, Twist, Trendy, Braids, Braid, Blonde

Oh that our hesitations are legitimate: For centuries, longhair is synonymous with youthfulness and sensuality. To cut your hair is to say goodbye to the care free and the allure for 25 years. And that doesn’t tell us anything

4. Cowgirl Country

Fashion, Boho, Hippie, Hats, Bohemian, 70S

But then why would we be this old law still in force = “There is a moment, must be cut”?    Sure, you don’t want to look like an old Barbie.

5. Get Naturally Wavy Hair

Wavy, Waterfall, Simple, Naturally, Messy, Buns, Braided

By the way, Robin Wright, 44 years old, new face of Gérard Darel and Julianne Moore, 50 years in a month, do they look like pathetic dolls with their long hair?

6. Blonde Hair

Blonde, Summer, Fall, Colors, Balayage

Of course, they don’t go out without their appointed hair dresser. So what? What’s stopping you from your shaggy and cutting the spikes every two months? Do you like your hair? Are they sturdy? Do you have themorphology that goes with it? Have you always been told that the length of your life was good?

7. Hair

Blonde, Long

Remember that from a certain age (replace “certain” with the number you want), you must forget the rebel shaggy. It’s just sloppy. Obligatory: Cream-mask, after-shampoo, oils…

8. Curls On Long Hair

Long, Curls, Loose, Curl

9. Messy Half Up Bun

Up, Twisted, Messy, Half, Crown, Bun, Braided, Blonde, Balayage

10. Hairstyle for Long Hair

Blonde, Ombre, Long, Wavy, Clip, Blondes, Balayage

11. Margot Robbie

Olsen, Robbie, Margot, Long, Twins, Red, Delevingne, Cara, Bob, 2017

12. Beach Hair

Blonde, Beach, Summer, Natural, Low, Feathers

13. Girl with Blonde Hair

Blonde, Pretty, Girls

14. Blonde Hair

Blonde, Highlights, Very, Silver, Purple, Pastel, Long

15. Neutral Blonde

Blonde, Highlights, Up, Toned, Soft, Ombre, High, Gold, Girl

16. Beach Blonde

Blonde, Highlights, Curls, Butter, Beach

17. Blonde Highlights On Blonde Hair

Blonde, Highlights, Balayage, Ombre, Lowlights

18. Blunt Cut

Long, Blonde, Straight, Blunt, Lob, Balayage, 205

19. Hair Braid

Braid, Long, Goals, Braids, Braided, Blonde

20. Long Thick Blonde Hair

Thick, Messy, Long, Blonde, without, Wavy, Volume, Simple, Fall

21. Long Hair Goals

Fashion, Trends, Ombre, Long, Goals, Blonde, Balayage

22. Long Long Brown Hair Girls

Long, Girls, Brown, Balayage

23. Long Layered Hair

Kardashian, Long, Layered, Kim, Balayage

24. Surfer Blonde Hair Girl

Waves, Blonde, Beach, Ombre, Mermaid, Long, Girl, Cute, Curls

25. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair

Wedding, Up, Half, Down, Curls, Waterfall, Updo, Loose

26. Haircut for Long Hair

Shape, Highlights, Blonde, V, Long

27. Hair

Wavy, Skin, Long, Fur, Fashion, Blonde




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