33 Long Beach Blonde Hairstyles


As we know, surfers usually have blond hair or hair naturally lightened by salt and sun.

Except that this combo oxidizes the hair fiber. The hair fade to show a blond or a lighter color but … especially damaged on the tips.

1. Side Bangs Middle Part

Side, Part, Middle, Day, Blonde, Bangs, Balayage

So, to show off reflections of light like a surfer pro.

The trick is the sweep. As an alternative, think of the California sweep if you are blonde or caramel sweep ,if you are brown to have golden highlights in your hair.

Surfer effect hair thanks to the lightening treatments

2. Wavy


To have a surfer look, without spending astronomical sums in hair coloring, the best is to opt for lightening care. With a progressive effect, it is enough to apply on the hair by locks or on all of his mane to bring light to the hair.

Note: you can only use them if you are blond or brown. The formula is not suited to your hair color.

3. Haircut Wavy Hair

Waves, Kardashian, Blonde, Wavy, Wave, Soft, Sexy, Long, Kim

The beachy hair effect

The wavy effect of the surfer’s hair is magical. Leaving the water, loops form naturally. Not too pronounced, not too flat: just right. And with the wind that sets the movements the result is really bluffing.

4. Blond

Blonde, Balayage, Ombre, Highlights, High, Down, Beach, Ash

Today there are plenty of products to play with the beach waves effect. Salty sprays that make even the smoothest hair wavy hair. For a successful beach waves: a few pschitt on the whole of the hair, lean your head forward, shake, raise and let air dry like the surfers do. To you textured hair!

5. Dirty Blonde Hair

Blonde, Bold, Wavy, Waves, Lips, Fall, Dye, Dirty, Curled, Beach

Surfer’s Cup: I choose for which?

The surfer’s hair that makes us dream are often long hair. As for the cup to wear, it is better to opt for a long and straight cut, or a degraded cut.

6. Long Curly Shaggy Hairstyle

Long, Waves, Wavy, Curly, Beach, Shaggy, Pfeiffer

7. Blonde Balayage Wavy Hair

Blonde, Waves, Sandy, Beach, Balayage, Wavy, Wave, Texture

8. Beach Highlights

Highlights, Beach, Balayage, Ombre, Fashion, Brown, Bronde, Bohemian

9. Lauren Bennett

Women, Short, People, Long, Layered, Lauren, Choppy, Bob, Blonde, Bangs

10. Long Straight Blonde Hair

Blonde, Long, Straight, Ombre, Highlights, Balayage

11. Ombre

Blonde, Balayage, Highlights

12. Get Naturally Wavy Hair

Wavy, Naturally, Long, Curly, Bow, Blonde, Natural, Braided

13. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum, Blonde, Beach, Short, Medium, Fashion

14. Beachy Blonde Hair Color

Blonde, Beach, Balayage, Waves, School, Ombre, Beachy

15. Messy Style

Summer, Waves, Sandy, Beach

16. Blonde Wavy Hair

Waves, Blonde, Long, Beach, Wavy, Messy, Curls, Beachy

17. Beach Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

Blonde, Waves, Highlights, Beachy, Beach, Tran

18. Braid

Braid, Long, Braided, Wedding, Waves, Up, Trendy, Half, Fishtail, Braids, Boho

19. Dream Girl On A Beach

Beach, Girl, Face, Easy

20. Beachy Hairstyle for Long Hair

Braid, Waterfall, Long, Trending, Summer, Side, Blonde

21. Long Hair Beach Waves

Long, Beach, Waves, Wavy, Up, Layers, Everyday, Blonde

22. Belle Lucia Hair Colour

Colour, Ombre, Blonde, Balayage

23. Beachy Hairstyle for Long Hair

Braid, Waterfall, Long, Braided, Up, Trenza, Simple

24. Blonde Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Long, Highlights

25. Blond

Blonde, Long, Ombre, Layers, Curls, Balayage

26. Curly Waves

Wedding, Waterfall, Long, Curls, Braided, Braid

27. Long Wavy Blonde Hair

Blonde, Waves, Long, Wavy, Type, Casual, Brunette, Beachy

28. Bff Blonde And Brown Hair

Blonde, Waterfall, Rachel, Pink, Pastel, Models, Long, Day

29. Hairstyle for The Beach

Wedding, Braided, Updo, Beach, Sandy, One, Messy, Loose, Head

30. Hairstyle

Blonde, Balayage, İcy

31. Loose Beach Wave Perm

Blonde, Perm, Loose, Highlights, Balayage, Waves, Wave, Curls

32. Blonde Summer Hair

Long, Summer, Blonde, Beach, Waves, 206

33. Beach Blonde

Beach, Summer, Long


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