Long Blonde Hairstyles

15 Long Blonde Fringe Hairstyles


Technique, Haircut and Maintenance

From Jane Birkin to Jeanne Damas via Caroline de Maigret. Emmanuelle, Reporthair expert, we give her advice to keep and maintain her long life.

1. Blonde Hair with Bangs

Blonde, Bangs, Sweaters, Oversized, Knitting, Dark, Cozy

Blurred fringe, like Caroline de Maigret, hissing, Jeanne Damas or frider right, like this one, realized by our experts, the long bangs never miss the Parisiennes, the most fashionable.

2. Grunge Hairstyle with Bangs

Blonde, Long, Bangs, Fringe

This long fringe, which touches the eyebrows, has several advantages according to Emmanuelle: “It is more practical because you can do more things with: separate it into two locks, take it in a ponytail … cut it more often than a short bang because it can quickly become awkward when it falls into the eyes. But she is more aesthetic, she gives a very Parisian and retro look to the Jane Birkin or as her daughter, Lou Doillon.”

3. Lea Seydoux

Lawrence, Stone, Layered, Jennifer, French, Emma

Long tapered fringe hair, even on fine hair

Each hairdresser opts for his personal technique but for Emmanuelle, the cut is done vertically: “I never take straight strands, and especially it is necessary to respect the nature of the hair. The bangs should be slightly tapered, especially on thick hair. ”

4. Add Texture to Hair

Texture, Simple, Should, Length, Girls, Bangs, Asos

For fine hair, the long bangs are possible but not ideal: “You have to take more hair to create a cut with bangs, so we lose the thickness elsewhere. It is necessary in this case taper the tips to not get a result too straight and clear. The fringe hair must be natural, light. ”

5. Blonde Hair with Fringe

Short, Blonde, Bangs, Fringe, South, Highlights, Beach

Same thing haircut, all lengths are possible according to the expert, except cuts too long and straight: “It takes a little gradient and movement. If there are too many lengths everywhere, it hides the face. The long square is very beautiful with a fringe, but also the short square, with a long fringe not too thick. It’s a cut that we see a lot right now, we do not cut the bangs but we just refining it. ”

6. Long Hair Bangs

Long, Bangs, Wavy, 206, 205, 204

7. Ash Blonde with Bangs

Cara, Bangs, Taylor, Swift, Delevingne, Blonde, Ash, Women, Long

8. Cute Style

Thick, Up, Sunglasses, Sleek, Long, Half, Glass

9. Blonde Ombre with Bangs

Bangs, Blonde, Ombre, witherspoon, Side, Reese, Long, Clip

10. Soft Bangs

Medium, Bangs, Round, Long, Length, Fringes, Face, Dry

11. Long Hair with Bangs

Lopez, Jennifer, Bangs, Swift, Long, Toned, Thorne, Taylor, One

12. Long Hair with Short Bangs

Bangs, Long, Short, Waterhouse, Suki, Layers, Layered

13. Long Length Choppy Hairstyles

Long, Layered, Length, Up, Round, Medium, Hilary, Faces

14. Abbey Lee Kershaw 2010

Long, Bangs, Taylor, Swift, One, Jessica, Day, Colors

15. Blonde Hair Full Fringe

Short, Bangs, Layered, Bob, Trendy, Full, Fringes, Fringe




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