Long Blonde Hairstyles

20 Long Ice Blonde Hair Color

Since a few months, ice blonde hair color seduces more and more women. In the streets, brown or blond hair merge with the pink gold and steel tones. Extreme brilliance, customizable shades and reflections multiplied … You will love it!

1. Blonde Hair Summer

Blonde, Summer, Balayage, Skin, Shoulder, Ombre, Cute, Brown

The ice blond fashion trend and makeup of the year 2018, invites more and more on our hair, in the form of solid color, sweeping or reflections. Rose gold, silver, electric blue or mauve, the ice blond hair shades are (almost) to infinity. Very popular with younger generations and influential influencers, the metal effect sublimates the hair and brings a trendy touch to any look. It is suitable for both long and short hair, straight or curly. Exit natural coloring or other tie and dye, women dare color!

2. Lightest Ash Blonde Hair Color

Blonde, Silver, Platinum, Lightest, İce, Grey, Gray

When we talk about ice blond coloring, the color that usually comes to mind immediately is silver. Made popular with silver hair, this color has invaded the web in no time. Subtle mix of more or less dark gray highlights, it can be done in different ways and usually varies between a deep steel for a “good look” effect and a softer white reminiscent. This coloring still requires a lot of maintenance, so we must choose suitable products, a purple shampoo for example, if you want to keep the metallic luster as long as possible.

3. Long Platinum Blonde Hair

Blonde, Long, White, Very, Simple, Platinum, Gray, Blue

The rose gold is certainly one of the most striking colors of recent years. We find it in deco, makeup, fashion but also more recently in our hair. No matter the season, women dare to proudly display this sublime shade that oscillates between pastel pink, peach and magenta. It revives blonde hair and modernizes brown hair, bringing a touch of originality. A bold look, without being extravagant, for all women in search of singularity.

4. Blonde Hair with Side Bangs

Blonde, Side, Short, Jessica, Easy, Bangs

5. Pearl Blonde Hair Colour

Blonde, Highlights, Colour, Work, Tone, Summer, Shades

6. Pale Cool Blonde Hair

Blonde, Wedding, Vibrant, Turquoise, Purple, Pale, İnteresting

7. Platinum Blonde Hair Brown Eyes

Blonde, Platinum, Trends, Summer, Ryan, İce, Eyes

8. Long Platinum Blonde Hair with Side Bangs

Blonde, Balayage, Side, Platinum, Long

9. Elle Fanning Photoshoot Elle

Women, Ladies, Kids, Hollywood, Blazers, 202

10. Highlights in Blonde Hair

Blonde, Highlights, Balayage, Blondes

11. Long Icy Pearl Blonde

Blonde, Long, İcy, İce, Curls, White, Waves, Tone, Soft, Shades

12. Blond

Blonde, Balayage, İce, Platinum, Low, Light, Highlights, Golden, Ash, All

13. White Blonde Beach Hair

Blonde, Balayage, White, Platinum, İce, Beach, Ash

14. Pastel Purple and Black Hair

White, Black, Up, Some, Silver, Purple, Powder, Plus

15. White Platinum Blonde Hair

White, Blonde, Platinum, Elsa, Disney

16. Ice Blonde with Lowlights

Blonde, Platinum, Highlights, Balayage, Soft, Modern

17. Blonde Fall Hair Colors

Blonde, Highlights, Brown, Balayage, Wave, Tips, Fall, Colors

18. Long Straight Blonde Hair

Blonde, Highlights, Straight, Lowlights, Long, İce, Balayage

19. Blond

Blonde, Balayage, White, Platinum, İce

20. Blond

Blonde, Waves, Soft, Platinum, Curls, Tone, Shades, Long, İcy, İce, Balayage




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