Long Blonde Hairstyles

18 Messy Bun Long Blonde Hair


Did you know that blondes are the ones who have more hair on their heads? Does it surprise you that one in three women regularly colors their hair? Do you think you should have made Rapunzel several centuries to get such long hair? Discover the most unusual news about our hair.

1. Blonde Hair Messy Bun

Messy, Bun, Blonde, Updo, Loose, Long, Braided

A child with long hair of several meters, we do not see in fairy tales! In real life, one hair grows only 0.2 to 0.4 mm per day, about one centimeter per month. Currently, the record for the longest hair is owned by the American Diane Witt. The hair of this modern hair is almost four meters long.

2. Prom Hair Half Bun

Wedding, Bun, Thick, Prom, Penteados, Messy, Long, Half, Down

Do you want a hairstyle that enhances your face? So adopt the bun! Here is a tutorial to make a nice bun, a chic hairstyle that you can wear every day but also on a big occasion.

3. Half Up Half Down Messy Hair

Balayage, Up, Messy, Half, Down, Updo, Long, Highlights

When you have long hair and you want to have your face clear, there are a thousand solutions for a hairstyle: a ponytail, various braids, pliers, a headband or a headband … or a bun, well sure ! Again, buns, there is an infinity of variants, a sophisticated version, a round version, banana version, very strict or slightly disheveled.

4. Blonde Highlights

Bun, Chignon, Wedding, Updo, Messy, Mara, Low, Long, Highlights

We fell in love with the fuzzy bun that we propose to you by following our photo tutorial. You will see, it is ultra easy to do, provided you have a good length of hair and some essential accessories (a brush, an elastic, some bun clips). You just have to start to wear this pretty bun blur so romantic, which will be as everyday as on a great occasion.

5. Casual Updo for Long Hair

Updos, Niall, Lucky, Justin, Curly, Casual, Blue, Up

After brushing the hair, gather them loosely to form a ponytail.

Attach it with an elastic but, for the last round of elastic, leave the tip of the hair in to form a soft loop.

Finally, with your fingers, put a little “mess” in this hair loop to give it a fuzzy effect.

6. Back To School Hairstyle

School, Long, Braids, Back

7. Blonde Hair Shadow Root

Wedding, Rollsup, Winter, Messy, Japan, Dos, Bun, Blonde

8. We Heart It Cute Girls

Messy, Bun, Updo, Really, Long, Heart, Girls, Girl, Cute, Buns

9. Low Messy Bun Updo

Blonde, Messy, Low, Updo, Bun, Short, Medium, Loose, Living

10. Messy Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Wedding, Up, Natural, Messy, Half, Down, Braided

11. Braided Bun

Sunglasses, High, Fringes, Family, Bun, Blonde

12. Bun

Bun, Up, Trendy, Short, Quick, Messy, Medium, Long, Highlights, Half, Easy

13. Cute Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long, Cute, Teenage, Pretty, Girls

14. Pinterest Style

Bun, Braided

15. Cool Toned Ombre Hair

Long, Ombre, Messy, Wild, Waves, Toned, Summer, Natural

16. Boho Wedding Hair Up

Wedding, Bridal, Updo, Up, Messy, Boho, Black

17. Messy Donut Bun Hairstyle

Messy, Bun, Wedding, Updo, Up, Side, Knot, Day, Curly

18. Easy Updos Long Hair

Messy, Wedding, Updos, Long, Bun, Trending, Trend, Pretty, Medium




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