Long Blonde Hairstyles

15 Long Baby Blonde Hair

A change of ephemeral look …

Vanessa Hudgens has a pretty blurry square. The actress would have already tired of this hairstyle trend in the it-girls of the moment including Khloe Kardashian? This is what I would say a little later on Instagram page.

1. Long Blonde Thin Hair

Blonde, Long, Thin, Pretty

The blond hair has a very strong symbolic. Its childlike sweetness has today given way to more sophistication, seduction, even lightness. Today, the blond often appears as a feminine ideal. But why does this color fascinate so much?  From platinum to the sweetest honey, the natural nuances are subtle and the hues proposed by colorists abound. Women, more and more demanding, want colors purer, more authentic, more natural in short.

2. Blonde Balayage

Blonde, Balayage, Highlights, Bob, Lowlights, Long, Light, Bright

Natural blondes are rare

Blonde fascinating Naturally, blondes are not many to be … especially among the stars. The real blondes famous that make men dream, are quite rare finally. And since what is rare is precious, the natural blonde (one in 20 women) is fascinating.

For women who opt for coloring (a third of blondes are not naturally), blondness embodies innocence, sweetness, but also and above all a strength of flawless seduction. They take as model many stars, which to sit their power of seduction, do not hesitate to dye hair. Six stars out of 10 would have dyed in blondes.

3. Straight Hair

Blonde, Baby, Platinum

So true fascination or unfounded myth? The question remains … But if scarcity is at the origin of this power of seduction, it should last a few more years. Some people think this color is in the process of extinction because of the 6 billion inhabitants of our planet, there would be only 3 million natural blond …. As a matter of fact that the colorists still have good days in front of them!

4. Babyblonde Long Hair

Blonde, Waves, Balayage, Baby, Long, Honey, Curls, Beach, Artist

5. Hair

Blonde, Long, Curls, Baby

6. Platinum Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Baby, Platinum, Mermaid

7. Baby Blonde Highlights Hair

Blonde, Highlights, Baby, Balayage

8. Buttery Blonde Hair Colour

Blonde, Highlights, Buttery, Soft, Skin, Platinum, Golden

9. White Blonde Hair

Blonde, Ombre, Highlights, Balayage

10. Long Platinum Blonde Hair

Blonde, Platinum, Silver, Long, Grey, Balayage, Ash

11. Soft Wavy Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Ash

12. Long Blonde Hair with Flowers

Wedding, Flowers, Flower, Long, Crown, Braided, Blonde

13. Wear Platinum Blonde Hair

Blonde, Platinum, Up, Really, Pale, One, Kim, Dark

14. Long Layered Haircut Blonde

Blonde, Highlights, Balayage, Platinum, Long, Soft, Ombre

15. Champagne Blonde Blond Brilliance

Blonde, Sandy, Platinum, Ombre, Highlights




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