25 Short to Medium Blonde Hairstyles

What is a classic color? This is a goal of brightening or changing your natural color in the procedure of staining or fading wicks. This process is ideal for changing hair. By opting for a medium blonde hair, you find the heat and light on your hair in lack of radiance.

1-Short to Medium Blonde Hairtyle

Short to Medium Blonde Hairtyle, Blonde Medium Length Hair

All about the medium blond to dark brown, it will always take into account your basic color, but also the color of your skin, your eyes and your eyebrows to choose the appropriate color of the reflections to give. Whether golden blond, ash blond, caramel or honey, the sweep will blend with your color for a more natural effect. In order to give it all the relief it deserves, consider cutting it to a minimum.

2-Ash Violet Blonde

Ash Violet Blonde, Blonde Hairtyles Medium Hair Continue reading “25 Short to Medium Blonde Hairstyles”

20 Great Taylor Swift Medium Blonde Hair Color

1. Taylor Swift Medium Blonde Hair Color

World, Really, Eyes, Ball, All, 2017

2. Bob Hair with Bangs

Sunglasses, Necklaces, Medium, Long, Celebrities, Bob, Bangs

3. Bob Hairstyle

Taylor, Swift, Long, Bob, Bangs, 2017

4. Taylor Swift Bob Haircut

Bob, Taylor, Swift, Stone, Short, Medium, Long, Emma, Colors

5. Medium Blonde Hair with Bangs

Taylor, Swift, Medium, Kloss, Karlie, Bob, Blonde, Bangs

6. Dark Blonde

Taylor, Swift, Bangs, Multi, Girl, Down

7. Straight Hairstyle

Taylor, Swift, Straight, Short, Curly, Bob, Bangs

8. Medium Blonde Hair

Taylor, Swift, Year, Some, Real, Fine

9. Ash Medium Blonde

Medium, Blonde, Taylor, Swift, Bangs, Ash, Waves, Straight

10. New Haircut 2017

Taylor, Swift, Bob, Bangs, Work, Lob, Hollywood, Heavy

11. Medium Blonde Hairstyle

Taylor, Swift, 2017, Trending, Stone, Emma, Dark, Blonde

12. Wavy Hair 2017

Taylor, Swift, Wavy, Short, Red, Medium, Lips, formal

13. Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

Taylor, Swift, Bangs, Year, Women, Trendy, Shoulder

14. Taylor Swift 2017 Hairstyle

Taylor, Swift, Swept, Stripes, Side, Bob, Bangs, 2017, 2017

15. Taylor Swift

Wedding, Taylor, Swift, Lawrence, Jennifer, Colors

16. Lob Hair

Taylor, Swift, Medium, Lob, Length, High, Celebrities, Bangs

17. Medium Blonde Hair

Taylor, Swift, Medium, Blonde, Women, Red, Part, 2017

18. Summer Bob Hairstyle

Taylor, Swift, Summer, Short, Bob, Bangs

19. Curly Short Hair

Short, Taylor, Swift, Curly, Bob, 2017

20. Blonde Straight Hair

Taylor, Swift, Short, Bangs

15 Famous Medium Blonde Fall Hair Colors

1. Medium Blonde Fall Hair Colors

Ombre, Long, Girl, Fall, Cute, Brown, Balayage

2. Hair Colors for Fall

Colors, Balayage, Highlights, Fall, Bronde, Bob

3. Blonde Fall Hair Colors 2017

Balayage, Highlights, Brunette, Summer, Short, Rose, Light

4. Mid Length Hair

Blonde, Highlights, Length, Medium, Lowlights

5. Dark Hair

Dark, Brown, Balayage, Short, Highlights, Caramel, Blonde, Wave

6. Blonde Fall Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Ombre, Waves, Medium, Length, Fall, Beach

7. Hair Colors 2017 Fall

Winter, Should, Season, Fall, Colors, Celebrity, 2017

8. Fall Hair Color and Styles

Balayage, Highlights, Blonde, Curly, Brunette, All

9. Shoulder Length Haircut 2018

Balayage, Length, Short, Medium, Highlights, Curly, Bob

10. Caramel Highlights

Highlights, Brown, Winter, Summer, Curls, Caramel

11. Highlights for Brown Hair

Highlights, Brown, Blonde, Medium, Lowlights, Curls, Caramel

12. Pretty Fall Hair Color

Blonde, Balayage, Highlights, Trends, Pretty, Ombre

13. Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Blonde, Highlights, Lowlights, Shades, Balayage, Ash

14. Highlights for Brown Hair 2018

Brown, Blonde, Highlights, Balayage, Warm, Trend, Tones

15. Blonde Hair

Balayage, Ombre, Blonde, Tan, Skin, Should, Pretty, Medium, Long, Length, Dark

15+ Gorgeous Rachel Mcadams Blonde Medium Hair

1. Rachel Mcadams Blonde Medium Hair

Rachel, Duff, Street, Paris, Midnight, Hilary

2. Blonde Medium

Rachel, Olsen, Medium, Length, Stone, Shoulder, Mcadams, Kristen, Emma

3. Side Swept Bangs

Medium, Length, Curly, Bangs, witherspoon

4.  Wedding Hair

Rachel, Blake, Wedding, Stars, Paris, Midnight

5. Cute Medium Haircut

Stone, Rachel, Medium, Emma, People, Paris, Midnight, Mcadams

6. Pink Blonde Hair

Pink, Rachel, Mcadams, Blonde, Trend, Streaks, Sexy, People

7. Messy Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Rachel, Length, Shoulder, Professional, Medium, Bangs

8. Golden Hair

Rachel, Gwyneth, Blonde, World, Women'S, Trends, Tips, Streaks

9. Fine Hair

Medium, Length, Fine, Bob, Women'S, Up, Thin

10. Cute Hair

Rachel, Stone, Soft, Shoulder, Medium, Mcadams, Locks, Length, Fringe

11. Blonde Straight Hair

Rachel, Bangs, witherspoon, Reese, Mcadams, Long

12. Medium Hair

Rachel, Stone, Emma, Mcadams, Long, Celebrity, Bobs, Blonde

13. Shoulder Leght Hair

Length, Reese, witherspoon, Shoulder, Rachel, Mid, Medium

14. Cute Hair

Rachel, Carrie, witherspoon, Waves, Underwood, Soft, Reese

15. Rachel Mcadams Blonde Hair

Blonde, Rachel, Medium, Length, Pretty, One, Mcadams, Long

16. Wedding Hair

Rachel, World, Women'S, Wedding, Trends, Tips, Streaks

17. Curled Hair

Kate, Medium, Length, Winslet, Round, Rachel, Faces, Curled

18. Rachel Mcadams Curly Hair

Hermione, Granger, Curly, Women, Waves, Sides, Long, Layers, Golden

25+ New Blonde Hairstyles for Women 2017 – 2018

1. Blonde Hairstyle for Women

Blonde, Lowlights, Balayage, Natural, Highlights

2. Hairstyle for Women 2018

Blonde, Balayage, Ombre, Lowlights, Long, Lob, Highlights, Dark, Brown, Bob

3. Hairstyle for Fine Hair Long Length

Over, Medium, Long, Length, Aniston, Women

4. Light Blonde Blunt Hair

Blonde, Trends, One, Mid, Medium, Light, Length, Julianne

5. Black Roots

Blonde, Sandy, Balayage, Women, Pretty, Mid, Length, Black

6. Blonde Hairstyle for Women

Blonde, Balayage, Trends, Pretty, Mid, Medium, Length, Highlights

7. Hair Styles for Women

Blonde, Medium, Layered, Brown, Women, Length, Highlights, Should

8. Blonde Hair Color

Blonde, Balayage, Ash, Vibrant, Highlights, Golden, Colour

9. Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde, Long, Bob, Balayage, Women, Textured, Short, Ends, 2017

10. Long Bob Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Long, Highlights, Bob, World, Women, Shoulder

11. Layered Haircut

Blonde, Side, Layered, Highlights, Bangs, Balayage

12. Light Blonde Balayage Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Bob, Women, Summer, Spring, Soft, Short

13. Medium Straight Hair

Medium, Jennifer, Aniston, Women, Straight, Side

14. Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Blonde, Highlights, Light, Balayage, Ash, Tips

15. Cool Blonde Bob

Bob, Blonde, Bobs, Women, Short, Over, Older, Ladies

16. Faith Hill

Medium, Women, Over, Length, Layered, Short

17. Messy Short Hair

Short, Over, Bob, Women, Older, Messy, Medium, Length

18. Blonde Highlights in Blonde Hair

Blonde, Highlights, Balayage, Young, Shades, Colors

19. Bob Hairstyle

Blonde, Bob, Balayage, Women, Mid, Medium, Long, Length, Fun, Flattering, Ash

20. Fall Blonde Hair Colors 2018

Blonde, Balayage, Women, Summer, Short, Funky, Fall

21. Hairstyle for Women

Blonde, Layered, Highlights, Balayage, Women, Waves, Soft, Side, Sexy, Over

22. Shoulder Length Hair

Medium, Length, Years, Women, without, Shoulder, Over, One

23 Hairstyle for Women Over 40

Blonde, Women, Over, Modern, Highlights, Wavy, Waves

24. Blonde Mid Length Hairstyle

Length, Mid, Medium, Blonde, Women, Shoulder, Short, Bobs

25. Round Face

Round, witherspoon, Reese, Face, Blonde, Slim

26. Long Hairstyle for Women

Long, Layered, Bangs, Women, Shaggy, Over, Medium, Length

27. Blonde Highlights

Blonde, Highlights, Balayage, Young, Frisyrer, Colors

14 Best Medium Blonde Messy Hairstyles

1. Medium Blonde Messy Hairstyle

Blonde, Balayage, Woman, Types, Thick, Spring, Rock, Ombre, Medium, Long

2. Short to Medium Hair

Bob, Balayage, Blonde, Medium, Short, Longer, Length

3. Balayage Blonde Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Medium, Side, Platinum, Natural, Messy

4. Blonde Messy Hairstyle

Blonde, Year, Texture, Round, Natural, Messy, Medium, Long, Length, Faces

5. Blonde Messy Waves

Short, Messy, Curly, Women, Waves, Some, Olsen, Long, Julianne, Hough

6. Thick Hair

Blonde, Wavy, Medium, Thin, Thick, Soft, Shag, One

7. Bob Hairstyle

Short, Medium, Bob, Blonde, Mid, Locks, Length, Layered, Cute, Bobs, Bangs

8. Shoulder Length Hair

Long, Length, Women, Wavy, Thick, Shoulder, Medium, Layered

9. Beach Waves Braids

Medium, Length, Blonde, Messy, Lob, Balayage, Waves

10. Haircut for Wavy Hair 2017

Blonde, Work, Wavy, Really, Layers, Kate, High, Fine

11. Blonde Messy Hairstyle

Blonde, Textured, Long, Lob, Messy, Medium, Lively, Kate, Hudson, Blake

12. Medium Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Medium, Brown, Women, Part, Ombre, Messy

13. Blonde Messy Hairstyle

Medium, Length, Bangs, Woman, Types, Thick

14. Shoulder Length Hair

Medium, Length, Long, Shoulder, Lob, Brown, Bob, Blonde

20+ Medium Icy Blonde Hair Color Ideas

1. Medium Icy Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde, Balayage, Platinum, Medium, Length, Fall, Colours

2. Wavy Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Ash, Silver, Short, Habit, Frisyrer

3. Icy Blonde 2017 Hair

Blond, Brigitte, Blonde, Bardot, Shades, Shade, Platinum, Highlights

4. Blonde Hair Colours 2017

Blonde, Balayage, Frisyrer, Colours, 2017

5. Shoulder Length Hair

Length, Chin, Medium, Blonde, Thin, Shoulder, Short

6. Long Bob

Blonde, Platinum, Long, Bob, Highlights, Medium, Lowlights

7. Bob Hair Color

Blonde, Silver, Platinum, White, Haare, Graue, Bobs, Bob

8. Long Bob

Blonde, Platinum, Bob, Long, Lowlights, Lob, Highlights, Mid

9. Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde, Balayage, Women, Platinum, Highlights, Frisyrer, Box

10. Braid Hair

Braid, Women, Short, Medium, Buns, Blonde

11. Icy Blonde Shadow Root

Blonde, Balayage, Work, Platinum, Pastel, Modern, Icy, Amy

12. Thin Hair

Stewart, Lawrence, Kristen, White, Under, Silver, Shades

13. Icy Blonde

Blonde, Platinum, Balayage, Tone, Pale, One, Habit, Ash

14. Icy Blonde Highlights

Blonde, Platinum, Blondes, White, Highlights, Blond, Balayage

15. Hair with Bangs

Blonde, Bangs, Silver, Bob

16. Short to Medium Hair

White, Blonde, Short

17. Shag Hairstyle

Blonde, Trendy, Shag, Modern, Bobs, Bob

18. Thick Hair

Blonde, Platinum, Thick, Pretty, Fashion, Cara

19. Icy Blonde Hair Color

Blonde, Ice, White, Platinum, Frisyrer, Balayage, Baby

20. Short Icy Blonde Hair Ideas

Blonde, Silver, Short, Pretty, Platinum, Face

21. Icy Platinum Bob Hair

Blonde, Platinum, Silver, Highlights, Bobs, Bob, Balayage, Ash

22. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer, Bob, Lawrence, Gwen, Trends, Stefani, Long

35 Best Medium Blonde Lob Hairstyles

1. Medium Blonde Lob Hairstyle

Blonde, Ombre, Balayage, Season, Platinum, Medium, Colors

2. Platinum Blonde

Blonde, Platinum, Balayage, White, Tone, Short, Long, Light

3. hin Hair

Blonde, Medium, Highlights, Thin, Long, Bob, Balayage, 2017

4. Best Hairstyle for Women

Women, Tips, Lob, Balayage

5. Hairstyle 2017

Medium, Long, Spring, Over, Lob, Length, Girls, Fun, French, Bob, All

6. Beach Waves

Medium, Blonde, Highlights, Bangs, Balayage, Waves, Teens

7. Pretty Hair

Blonde, Shades, Platinum, Bob, Shade, Pretty, Long, Lob, Highlights

8. Lob Hair for Round Face

Lob, Length, Long, Bob, Shoulder, Medium, Face

9. Thin Hair

Blonde, Thin, Medium, Lob, Length, Short, Robbie

10. Blonde Lob Ombre Hair

Balayage, Long, Brown, Blonde, Medium, Choppy, Bob, Wavy, Tran

11. Layered Hair

Bob, Long, Lob, Shoulder, Short, Length, Layered, Blonde, 2017

12. Ash Blonde Hair Color

Blonde, Cara, Delevingne, Smokey, Grey, Eye, Brown, Ash

13. Shoulder Length Hair

Medium, Bob, Long, Length, Shoulder, Blonde, Sleek, Locks

14. Layered Hair

Balayage, Medium, Length, Layered, Bob, Blonde, Shoulder

15. Straight Hairstyle

Blonde, Platinum, Bob, Long, Lowlights, Lob, Highlights, Medium

16. Blonde Lob Hair for Dark Skin

Medium, Length, Ciara, Blonde, Skin, Shoulder, Ombre, Dark

17. Wavy Hair

Bob, Blonde, Balayage, Woman, Wavy, Trendy, Shag, Modern

18. Straight Hair

Blonde, Medium, Length, Highlights, Women, Wavy, Thick

19. Ombre Straight

Long, Bob, Straight, Ombre, Medium, Lob

20. Layered Hair

Medium, Layered, Woman, Texture, Shag, Modern, Light, Length

21. Ombre Hair

Balayage, Long, Bob, Side, One, Ombre, Highlights, Colour

22. Short to Medium Blonde Lob Hair

Blonde, Balayage, Short, Ombre, Highlights, Tones, Textured

23. Chic Blonde Lob Hairstyle 2017

Blonde, Bob, Balayage, Textured, Lob, Layered, Inverted, Ends

24. Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Huntington, Rosie, Whiteley, Celebrity, Bobs

25. Back View

Long, Bob, View, Blonde, Back, Straight, Medium, Length

26. Ashley Tisdale

Biker, Ashley, Short, Medium, Lady, Asos, 2017

27. Blonde Lob

Blonde, Medium, Length, Highlights, Bob, Lowlights, Bobs, Blunt

28. Shaggy Blonde Hairstyle

Olsen, Blonde, Waves, Twists, Shape, Shaggy, Loose, Long, Lob, Length, Faces

29. Wavy Hair

Bob, Wavy, Ramirez, Medium, Tran, Soft, Short, Long

30. Blonde Lob Hairstyle 2017

Long, Bob, Blonde, Medium, Highlights, Balayage, 2017, Should

31. Hair for Women

Blonde, Medium, Lob, Highlights, Bob, Balayage, Women, Long, Length

32. Hair Trends

Long, Bob, Sunglasses, Big, without, Ray, Medium, Lob, Lengths, Length, Ban

33. Wavy Hairstyle 2017

Blonde, Wavy, Bob, Balayage, Length, Trendy, Textured, Mid

34. Cute Hair

Long, Blonde, Platinum, Bob, Medium, Length, Day, Cute, Bobs

35. Icy Blonde

Blonde, Bob, Balayage, Silver, Platinum, Long, Haare, Graue, Bobs

17 Medium Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

1. Medium Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Blonde, Strawberry, Colors, Ryan, Eyes

2. Medium Hair

Blonde, Strawberry, Medium, Wavy, Tran, Ramirez, Long, 20

3. Dark Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry, Blonde, Copper, Wavy, Warm, Trendy, Some, Shades

4. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

Gold, Rose, Blonde, Ombre, Strawberry

5. Wavy Hairstyle

Strawberry, Flat, Curls, Blonde, Wavy, Medium, Balayage

6. Layered Hairstyle

Medium, Length, Strawberry, Pale, Highlights

7. Wavy Hair

Blonde, Strawberry, Ombre, Golden, Balayage, Warm

8. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Blonde, Strawberry, Highlights, Rose, Ombre, Medium, Light

9. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

Ombre, Gold, Blonde, Strawberry, Rose

10. Cute Bob Hair

Blonde, Strawberry, Ombre, Medium, Length, Bob

11. Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Blonde, Balayage, Strawberry, Ombre, Short, Shades

12. Wavy Hair

Gold, Rose, Neon, Tint, Pink, Ombre, Medium, Lime, Colors, Blonde

13. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Highlights

Highlights, Strawberry, Blonde, Short, Shades

14. Layer Cut

Thin, Layers, Balayage, Ombre, Medium, Long, Length

15. Emma Stone

Strawberry, Stone, Emma, Blonde, Teen, Red, Ends, Colors, Bangs

16. Celebrity Hair

Blonde, White, Strawberry, Red, Lips, Golden, Celebrity, All

17. Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas

Blonde, Strawberry, Two, Part, Long, Home, Brown