28 Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blond is a very fair blond, almost white. “It represents the fantasy of purity and glamor. It is a cool and trendy coloring but difficult to keep more than three months harder to maintain. By the way, all tops that go platinum most often over a season. ” However, to give pep and relief to this color on perhaps the gray and pink hues, hyper trend.

1-Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The Importance Of Good Nuance For Hair

The mistake, which has often been seen in celebrity magazines, is to confuse platinum blonde with straw yellow, not necessarily voluntarily. To say the door open to the hair disaster and nicknames not very friendly. To avoid being called “my little chick” to 20 years ago, we turn to a good colorist and especially we drop the fading house.  In order not to hide its color under a cap, we trust an experienced hairdresser who will tell you if your hair is suitable for a bleaching treatment like this one.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Color Hair White

The ice blonde is not going to everyone. Color and nature of the hair, complexion of the skin, color of the eyes or eyebrows: many factors must be taken into account for the result to be as aesthetic as possible.  Before making the big jump, we ask ourselves the right questions.  I have blond, brown hair? So I can start without too much fear. Enlightening my hair to get a platinum blonde may not require several appointments at the hairdresser. I have dark hair, which goes from dark brown to raven black?

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