30 Short Blonde Hairstyles for 2018

Who says new season, wants to change. To give a boost to their coloring for the spring-summer 2018, discover the styles that have been staged.

1-Short Blonde Hairtyle for 2018

Short Blonde Hairtyle for 2018, Blonde Hair Short Pixie

It’s simple, short blond is a must this season! Already omnipresent in the fall-winter of 2018, the cold blonde squats the heads of fashionistas for months. It comes in short pastel blonde, pearly blonde, slightly pinkish blonde … If this color has passed until our hair is completely transformed, so, for the fall of 2018, we can even say that long hair flows very well with very structured cuts.

2-Layered Pixie Bob

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25 Honey Blonde Short Hairstyles

Bright and glamorous, the blonde hair, the eyemilluminates the face. There are thirty different shades of blondes.

1-Honey Blonde Short Hairtyle

Honey Blonde Short Hairtyle, Balayage Blonde Honey Hairtyles

From blond gray to platinum blond, the gap is big. However, this summer, it is the blond honey that flew on the beauty planet. Golden, not too clear, very cold, it gives good appearance to fair skin and sublime complexions dull.

2-Short Bob Layered Cut

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20 Short Blonde Wedding Hair Styles

After the dress and the bridal shoes, here is the difficult choice of the wedding hairstyle. And worth trying to have mermaid hair at all costs if the cut is made is the “boyish glamor” look. Who said that short hair and wedding dress?

1. Short Blonde Wedding Hair

Short hair brings character and a little more to the face without sacrificing seduction. Retro style with short cut, we have the choice of his wedding hairstyle!

Short Hairstyles, Julianne Hough, Warm, Updos, Stewart, Kristen

If the hair is ultra-short, we put on accessories to bring a festive touch associated with makeup that illuminates the face and highlights. For short squares, you can have fun structuring your locks around the face for timeless hairstyles or a more modern style but full of sensuality!

2. Updos for Short Hair

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Updo, Updos, Peinados, Ombre

What accessories for my short hair?  The trick that works every time on short hair? Accessories, a detail that makes all the difference! To give even more elegance to our short haircut, we put on large accessories, such as flower crowns, headband, headbands that surround the face and highlight the face. We put on flowers (preferably natural) that gives sometimes a country style, sometimes a hyper glamorous look. We can also opt for glitter. Rather than sequins, we prefer glittery but glittering glitter that provides a softer but much present glow.

3. Updos for Short Hair for Wedding

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Bridal, Updos, Updo

Whether one has straight or curly hair, whether one is blonde or brown, big or small, whether one has a round, long or square face, there will be necessarily a square that will correspond to us. Proof in image with our selection of inspiring short squares, spotted on parades.

4. Wedding Hair Half Up for Short Hair

Wedding, Veil, Short Hairstyles, Bridal

These profiles will prefer the long or mid-long squares, which dress the profile and the shoulders. In contrast, short squares are suitable for both small and large women at any age.

5. Short Blonde Wedding Hair

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Bridal, Pretty, Lowlights

6. Boho Short Hair

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Sienna, Photography, Miller, Long, Dress

7. Pixie Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Wedding, Blonde Hairstyles

8. Super Short Blonde Wedding Hair

Wedding, Crown, Bridal, Work, Short Hairstyles, Really, Pretty

9. Bridal Updo and Flower Crown

Wedding, Crown, Bridal, Flower, Warm, Updo, Short Hairstyles

10. Blonde Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair with Tiara

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Updo, Peinados

11. Short Hair Wedding Look

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Bridal, Some, Photography, Ombre

12. Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles, Wedding, Wavy, Vintage, Shaggy

13. Half Up Half Down Medium Hair

Wedding, Down, Updo, Straight Hairstyles, Stacked

14. Short Blonde Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding, Veil, Silver, Short Hairstyles, Modern, Medium, Length

15. Short Curly Blonde

Short Hairstyles, Curly, Gwen, Blonde Hairstyles, Wig

16. Julianne Hough

Wedding, Julianne Hough, Updo, Summer, Little, Grad, Braided

17. Pixie Cut

Wedding, Veil, Pixie Cut, Birdcage, Lucille, Lob, Headpieces

18. Blonde Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Weddings

19. Straight Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Platinum, Highlights

20. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Julianne Hough

43 Cool Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short blond hair hairstyles like Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Stone, Michelle Williams, these stars all have one. Want to change your look? Why not be tempted by the short haircut!

1. Short Hairstyle

Short cut, short square or pixie cut, the court is ultra trend, not to mention the practical side. But whoever says short hairstyle does not mean hairstyle without any style.

Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Layered, White

On the contrary! The hairstyle ideas for short haircuts are not lacking. Your hair can be more or less short and you can play on the gradients to give movement. Bet also on the fringe: tapered, long or short, it has much the price in recent seasons.  Also think about the shape of your face before adopting a short haircut.

2. Short Hair for Girls 2018

Short Hairstyles, Very, Undercut, Pretty, Pixie Cut, Patterns

Do you have a round face? Instead, bet on a curly hairstyle, with a fringe or a large wick. But avoid the square right or the bowl cutter. If you have a triangle-shaped face down, the trick is to leave volume on the top of the head and not cut too short. Girls with a rectangular face will also prefer a short cut with volume on the top.

3. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Platinum

As for those who have an oval face, you are lucky little because everything suits you! If you have fine hair, the short is also a good option for you. Adopt the short (or mid-long) square that you can texture with sprays or styling foams. The boyish cut with bangs is also a hairstyle that goes perfectly to girls with fine hair and oval face.

4. Fashion Short Hairstyle 2018

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Undercut

To give style to your short haircut, you can also play the color card. For the spring summer 2018 season, the rose continues to cardboard but is worn by small touches (rosy blond version for example). The blue is also the party as the polar blond and the red (Venetian red has caused a sensation in the last parades).

5. Short Hair Winter 2018

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Winter, Natural

6. Pixie Cut Blonde Highlights

Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Year, Short Hairstyles

7. Short Hair Long Bangs

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Pink, Natural, Mirren, Long, Highlights

8. Short Hairstyle for Women

Short Hairstyles, Women, Round, Faces, Blonde Bob Hairstyles

9. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Bleached, Ash

10. Short Hair Pixie Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Wavy

11. Blonde Bob Hairstyle 2018

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Rachel

12. Summer Short Blonde

Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Balayage, Summer

13. Edgy Short Hair 2018

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Platinum

14. Round Face

Short Hairstyles, Face, without, Shape, Round, Pixie Cut, Colour

15. Pixie Cut 2018

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Texture, Stars, Length

16. New Short Hairstyle for 2018

Short Hairstyles, 2017, Pixie Cut, Fall, Blonde Hairstyles

17. Short Hairstyle for Older Women

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles

18. Julianne Hough Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles, Julianne Hough, Fashion

19. Short Hairstyle

Pixie Cut, Straight Hairstyles, Oval, Blonde Hairstyles

20. Trendy Short Haircut 2018

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Women, Trendy, Over, 2017

21. Layered Pixie Cut 2018

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Layered, Kapsels, Bangs, 2017

22. Very Short Blonde Pixie Haircut

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Suga, Pixie Cut, Jimin

23. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut, Short Hairstyles, Very, Haircut, Celeb

24. Short Layered Pixie Haircut

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Straight Hairstyles, Layered

25. Ash Blonde Crop Pixie

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Part, Dark

26. Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Thin, Slightly, Sleek, Should, Medium

27. Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Balayage, Wedding, Wavy, Textured, Golden, Colour, Brunette

28. Short Pixie Cut Blonde

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Williams, Michelle

29. Krissa Fowles

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Women, Tones, Shades, Light, Haircut, Dark

30. Long Pixie

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Balayage

31. Cute Short Hair

Short Hairstyles, Women, Sunglasses, Pixie Cut, Glass, Gafas, Easy

32. Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles

33. Bondol Shave Hair Cut

Straight Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Golden, Blonde Hairstyles

34. Blonde Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Straight Hairstyles

35. Blonde Highlights

Balayage, Short Hairstyles, Jennifer, Highlights

36. Short Blonde Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Rachel, Platinum

37. Short Hairstyle for Women

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Pixie Cut

38. Agyness Deyn

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Medium, Deyn, Agyness

39. Dark Blonde Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Lob, Dark, Blonde Bob Hairstyles

40. Blonde Balayage

Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Short Hairstyles, Platinum, Olaplex, Blond

41. Short Edgy Layered

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Long, Layered, Harry, Exo, Edgy

42. Blonde Hairstyle 2018

Balayage, Long, Frisyrer, 2017

43. Natural Ash Blonde Hair

Taylor, Swift, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Bangs, Natural, Medium

15 Short Baby Blonde Hair

Among the thousand and one shades of blonde, the blond is certainly one of the most charismatic. Its natural color borrowed from childhood gives you a look of sexy woman-child. Regarding women who have worn this version over the pages, no wonder it has become iconic.

1. Short Baby Blonde Hair

A single blonde , honey, gold, platinum, there is a multitude of shades of blond among the blonde baby a place of choice. If the name of the latter evokes the blondness of childhood, it is because it mime to perfection! Colder and more natural than the Hollywood platinum blonde, this light blonde beige color imitating the hair color of our heads has no yellow-gold highlights.

Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Balayage

2. Blonde Highlights

Made famous by Grace Kelly, this subtle and sophisticated color becomes the signature hair of the Princess of Monaco and American actress. As beautiful as talented, she was the heroine of Alfred Hitchcock’s many films, which earned her baby blond to be renamed “Hitchcockian blond”. Subsequently, it will also be the blondness adopted by most actresses staged by the famous “master of suspense”.

Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Highlights

3. Baby Blonde with Brown Lowlights

And for good reason, like the platinum blond, the blond baby hangs particularly well on the screen and is thus revealed as the charm of his films in black and white. Hitchcock himself said of Grace Kelly that she was “the opposition between an apparent coldness and an exacerbated sensuality”, and that is exactly what characterizes the blond baby.

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Platinum

4. Summer Hair 2017

With her perfect curves, her eyeliner-eyed look and her youthful charm, she immediately imposes herself as a sex symbol of the 1960s. And her blondness is no stranger because it is she who fascinates. Falsely innocent, the blond baby is then renamed blonde BB, in reference to the starlet Brigitte Bardot, elevated thereafter to the rank of icon. A color that has become so legendary today that actresses like Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan always favor it for its crazy looks.

Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Ash, Wavy

5. Messy Wavy Hair

Julianne Hough, Blonde Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Balayage

6. Bob Hair

Khloe, Kardashian, Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles

7. Wavy Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Women, Some, Short Hairstyles

8. Baby Blonde Ombre Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Ash, Short Hairstyles, Ombre, Modern

9. Wedding Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Lowlights, Balayage, Wedding, Vintage

10. Short Baby Blonde Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Highlights, Balayage

11. Khloe Kardashian

Blonde Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Naturally, Jenner, Faster

12. Back View

Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Short Hairstyles, Platinum, Long

13. Lowlights for Blonde Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Lowlights, Highlights, Balayage, Platinum

14. Choppy Baby

Blonde Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Choppy, Balayage, Women, Skin

15. Lob Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Highlights, Balayage, Long, Lob, Coloring, Brown

11 Short Blonde Champagne Hair Color

Shaded, highlighted, swept, colored … You have guessed the subject. Our hair gives us good order, but we like to take care of them. The question now is: what color are you adopting?

1. Short Blonde Champagne Hair Color

With all the nuances of color that we propose to our hairdresser, on a base of choice, but it must be said that the blonde color is always the one that prevails in our hearts.

Medium, Short Hairstyles, Length, Bangs, Women, Wig

Natural blondes love it  Between platinum, gold, honey, beige and others, the shades of blond are confusing. But, today, we talk about blond champagne, this trend that we would like to test the moment when we see the reflections. Between gold and pearl, you can discover the effects of this color that delights more one. In addition, who did not accept the hair of champagne, just for the name that goes to the taste buds?

2. Thin Hair

Medium, Thin, Shag, Straight Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles

The ideal to wear this champagne blonde is to have short hair or squared. That’s why Cara Delevingne has seen her son for a square yard and more recently for a short haircut. It is important to discolor and weaken the lengths.  Side carnation, “better to have a diaphanous skin, milky and clear eyes” to not enter the vulgarity, according to our expert. We can say, the blonde is not what makes the best complexion matte and very makeup Kim Kardashian …

3. Straight Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Platinum, Champagne

Discoloration is the most ‘risky’ step because it sensitizes the hair. In salon, more and more hairdressers are using care Olaplex come straight from California. The colorist incorporates bleaching products to push the blonde further without damaging the fiber. This secret formula effectively protects the hair during fading, but it lengthens the exposure time. We then do a complementary care of the same range that is allowed to act for thirty minutes in the tray. The hair comes out brilliant!

4. Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Thin, Thick, Some

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Short Hairstyles, Jennifer, Jennifer Lawrence, Young

6. Pauley Perrette

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Poehler, Platinum

7. Margot Robbie

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Medium, Length, Julianne Hough, Blonde Hairstyles

8. Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, 2017

9. Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Williams, Thin, Spring, Prom

10. Textured Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Balayage, Undercut, Textured

11. Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Highlights, Lowlights, Blunt

12. Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Spring, 2017, Whiteley, Rosie, Huntington, Couture

15 Short Blonde Updo Hairstyles

The short cuts, combining femininity and modernity, give us the opportunity to adopt different styles.

1. Short Blonde Updo Hairstyle

Fragmented cutaway boy, curly, gradient, colorful, and sometimes even in contrasting colors, choose the one that pleases us and corresponds to us the most for this year 2018!

Wedding, Warm, Updo, Short Hairstyles, Peinados, Fall, Braided

Many celebrities have adopted short blondes like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian. Polar blond, coloring closest to white is also very trendy. It can be worn on short cuts such as long, smooth or curly. In short, there is the choice!

2. Blonde Balayage Braid

Low, Fishtail, Braided, Wedding, Updo, Simple, Natural, Medium

Indeed, if our sacrosanct square touches our shoulder, it may cut the movement of the hair. If this condition is respected and the cutting  is legal, regardless of the length of locks, it is the cup of all times, and all seasons. Winter or summer, the blonde hairs are everywhere and the style is always with the same elegance.

3. Wedding

Wedding, Updo, Short Hairstyles, Bridal, Women, Updos, Older

To adopt this podium look and adapt it to everyday life, we choose a gel or a wax to tame our mane and position it as we wish.  But beware, this hairstyle, as pretty as it is, does not go to all faces, it attracts attention and is not trivial. It has character, we must assume. This is the kind of beauty that we do not work halfway, shoulders within.

4. Julianne Hough

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Updo, Julianne Hough, Toned

The blond sweep is a partial blonde hair coloring. This technique involves bringing light to the hair. We create very fine strands lighter than your natural color, the goal being that they blend perfectly with the hair, not to change hair color radically but rather to awaken your natural blond. This permanent color made with or without ammonia brings pep and shine to the hair. So, ready to change color and shape smoothly?

5. Elegant Short Hair

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Updo, Women, Updos, Simple, Over, Long

6. Simple Bridesmaid Hair

Updo, Short Hairstyles, White, Wedding, Waterfall, Trends, Trend

7. Kristen Stewart Jimmy Fallon

Short Hairstyles, Kristen, Stone, Stewart, Sharon, Celebrity

8. Hayden Panettiere

Short Hairstyles, Women, Pixie Cut, Theron, Over, Haircut, formal

9. Blonde Updo for Short Hair

Bun, Braided, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Women, Wedding, Updos, Updo

10. Short Hairstyle

Yellow, Short Hairstyles, Braided, Blonde Hairstyles, Bandana

11. Mothers of the Bride Hair Ups

Wedding, Updo, Bride, Upstyles, Shorter, Bridesmaid, Brides

12. Blonde Updo Hairstyle for Short Hair

Woman, Short Hairstyles, Layered

13. Curly Hair

Wedding, Short Hairstyles, Updos, Updo, Trendy, Peinados, Longer

14. Hayden Panettiere

Short Hairstyles, Updo, Summer, Model, Medium, Fashion, Cropped, Cannes

15. French Twist Up Dos

Wedding, Thin, French, 2017, Updo, Twists, Twist, Thick, Suitable

23 Short Blonde Black Hairstyles

The choice of hair color is not always made lightly. Certain elements must be taken into account to avoid the capillary error. The color of the eyes, the personality, the material of the hair are a few. But the most important is the complexion. If you have black skin, you will have to think of complementary coloring to avoid the risk of alterations.

1. Short Blonde Black Hairstyle

Hair colors adapted to skin . The skin is a definite asset in terms of hair color. All the colors, or almost, go with them. It is then a simple matter of taste. So to those who think that the blonde does not suit the dark complexions, they deceive themselves! If you want to become blonde, no problem. We do not speak of a platinum blond, of course, but of a blond honey or brown with shimmering reflections.

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Pixie Cut

Your skin will also be enhanced by a copper color, auburn or chocolate. All three illuminate the face and tone it. Intense black is also an option to consider for a more sober and chic look. Red is a good alternative for those who want to highlight a fire personality.

2. Zendaya Pixie

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Wig

Hair colors that could be disadvantage for your skin. Alongside these colors that go so well, there are those to avoid. The first is obviously very light blonde or platinum. The contrast is really too much. In addition, your skin would give the impression that the color of the hair draws more on the yellow-green than on the blond. An aesthetic mistake to avoid at all costs!

3. Blonde Black Short Hair

Gold, Spiky, Short Hairstyles

Hair color, an inseparable part of the personality. Keep in mind that your hair color will be visible every day and all the time. So you have to take it in the office as in the evening or when you do your shopping. So sometimes there is a difference between the color that makes you want and that you will really adopt. Determining your new color is an important step in this time-consuming change.

4. Rasheeda Frost Blonde Hair

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Wavy, Two, One, Ombre, Medium, Easy

5. Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women

Women, Black, Short Hairstyles, Shape, Oval, Messy, Faces, Face

6. Short Blonde Hair Black Women

Women, Short Hairstyles, Lupita, Eva, Blonde Hairstyles

7. Bob Haircut

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Women, Updo, Trends, Tones

8. Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Long, Black

9. Cute Hairstyle

Women, Curly, Black, Undercut, Textured, Simple

10. Mary J Blige

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Platinum, Pink, Pastel, Mary, Layered

11. Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Miley, Cyrus, without, Volume, Theron, Should, Pretty

12. Wavy Hairstyle

Pixie Cut, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Wavy, Trendy, Messy, Flattering

13. Beyonce Blonde Bob

Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Women, Short Hairstyles

14. Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Zendaya, Undercut, Shaved, Lowlights

15. Short Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women

Short Hairstyles, Women, Pixie Cut

16. Teyana Taylor

Short Hairstyles, Sunglasses, Pixie Cut, Easy

17. Short Natural Haircut

Natural, Women, Short Hairstyles, World

18. Short Hair

Short Hairstyles, Instagram, Black, Straight Hairstyles, Should

19. Short Blonde Haircut

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Waves, Trendy, Sandy

20. Natural Hair

Natural, Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles

21. Trendy Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Rose, Rock, Pixie Cut, Gold, Easy, Celebrities, Blonde Hairstyles

22. Keyshia Cole

Short Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Shades, Purple, Pretty, Pastel, Length

23. Monica Brown

Short Hairstyles, Rose, Nene, Leakes, Gold, Brown

20 Short Blonde Wavy Hairstyles

The short blonde hair is sexy and feminine. Especially the wavy hair that perfectly matches the red carpets. Demonstration in 20 photos of stars who have gone to the corrugated square and who is going, very well. We remember all the photos of the general when Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.  While he is known for his blonde-length myths, the actress revealed a pretty brown wavy square in real life.

1. Short Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Easy to maintain, the short corrugated hair is the ideal option for those who do not have time to devote to a blow-dry or who simply do not want a cut too structured.  For example, Jessica Alba works as well as the stripe on the side of Leila Bekhti.

Length, Medium, Shoulder, Layered, Anhcotran, Wavy, Tran

The short corrugated hair also lends itself very well to an “out of the beach” effect. But how to do when we do not have “beach waves” in the natural world? (But how do you reach your wave?)  To get a wavy effect when you have straight hair, you can use a diffuser attached to the hair dryer as well as a spray with salt water.

2. Blonde Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

Medium, Length, Shoulder, Wavy, Shades, Shade

To get a wavy effect when you have straight hair, you can use a diffuser attached to the hair dryer as well as a spray with salt water.

3. Wavy Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Wavy, Should, Pixie Cut

Nothing is more chic than a ray in the middle on a wavy square.

4. Messy Hair

Short Hairstyles, Wavy, Years, Women, Trendy, Messy, Layered

While a wavy square is by nature a fuzzy effect, the fact of styling it with a line in the middle structures the hairstyle by accentuating its symmetry.

5. Short Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy, Thick, Straight Hairstyles, Ryan, Nettles, Meg, Medium, Long

Ultimate chic requires, the stars have widely adopted the corrugated square with a line in the middle on the red carpet: we are inspired by Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Adele Exarchopoulos, Lauren Cohan or the famous corrugated square Emilia Clarke.

6. Shoulder Length

Length, Shoulder, Medium, Wavy, Tran, Short Hairstyles, Round

7. Long Bob

Blonde Hairstyles, Wavy, Ombre, Long, Blonde Bob Hairstyles

8. Short Bob

Wavy, Short Hairstyles, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer

9. Hair with Layers

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Layered, Woman, without

10. Wavy Hairstyle 2017

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Short Hairstyles, Choppy, Wavy, 2017

11. Best Short Bob Haircut

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer, Stone

12. Scarlett Johansson

Short Hairstyles, Scarlett, Johansson, Platinum, Pixie Cut

13. Cabelo Curto Feminino

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Pixie Cut

14. Brown Blonde Hair

Short Hairstyles, Length, Medium, Blonde Hairstyles, Women, Wavy

15. Messy Bob

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Wavy, Vibrant, Textured, Platinum, Pastel, Olsen, Messy

16. Hairstyle for Women Over 50

Medium, Short Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Women, Shaggy

17. 2017 Hair Trends

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Wavy, Trends, Thin, Short Hairstyles, Medium

18. Layered Hair

Wavy, Short Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Trend, Platinum

19. Angled Bob

Ombre, Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Angled, Short Hairstyles, Salon

20. Balayage Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Women, Wavy, Trendy, Short Hairstyles, Salon

18 Short Blonde Purple Hair Color

Before you take the plunge and finally offer your hairstyle that has made your dream for years, take a look at our slideshow. It is useful to find the perfect color to sublimate your new short haircut. The polar blond, star of hair colorations on short hair. The stars have understood: to boost their boyish cut, nothing like a frank color and assumed. The top model Cara Delevingne not to do things by half, as well as her hair overnight and is a perfect blonde peroxidized cut boy. Actress Michelle Williams has adopted the short cut from now more We have discovered with a blond white very successful.

1. Short Blonde Purple Hair Color

The blonde purple hair make your vision vivacious. You are brown and you want to give some pep to your short haircut? The best solution: sweeping. Made in blur on the entire collection, it provides light and relief to your hair. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for copper, blonde, mahogany, or even gold. Our favorite?

Blonde Hairstyles, Highlights, Waves, Vintage, Underneath

Intense purple give depth to short cuts

To awaken a chestnut a little dull or a brown too commonplace, nothing like a purple color. In addition to brightening your complexion, coloring will bring chic and femininity to the short haircut. This is how the actress Ginnifer Goodwin likes to wear her boyish cut: she does not get tired of her raven brown she maintains monthly. Same desire for Phil Collins’ daughter, Lily, who wears fine short purple hair very well.

2. Blonde Purple

Purple, Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Women, Tang, People, Modern, Length

Maintain color on short hair

Wearing a short, colorful haircut is not easy.  But between important things about style of hair at the professional, small are to know: first, space the shampoos to the maximum to avoid damaging too quickly your color or sweep. And to wake up your hair color, use appropriate care like repigmenting masks or revealing shampoos.

3. Angled Bob

Purple, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Layered, Highlights

4. Blonde Purple Highlights

Purple, Highlights, Brown, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Balayage

5. Purple Roots

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles

6. Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

Short Hairstyles, Pastel, Round, Medium, Length, Faces, Edgy

7. Blonde and Purple Highlights

Highlights, Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Yellow

8. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Purple, Platinum, Lowlights, Icy, Balayage

9. Short Hairstyle Purple Hair

Short Hairstyles, 2017, Women, Tattoo, Purple, Fine

10. Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Purple, Pixie Cut, Highlights

11. Blonde Brown and Purple Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Purple, Highlights, Lowlights, Brown, Sandy

12. Blonde Bob

Purple, Highlights, Blonde Hairstyles

13. Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Pixie Cut, Long, Knot

14. Short Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights

Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Blonde Hairstyles

15. Purple Roots Blonde Hair

Blonde Hairstyles, Balayage, Purple, Pink, Ombre, Honey

16. Back View

Short Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, Purple, Women

17. Dark Blonde

Purple, Blonde Hairstyles, Blonde Bob Hairstyles, 2017, Women, Wavy

18. Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles, Pastel, Purple, Pink, Brown, Trends