30 Black And Blonde Hair Color

Black is black! On the hair color chart, it’s the darkest color, and it’s not a coincidence: you can not have light black.

Unlike red, chestnut or blond, the black color is not a lot of reflections because they do not hang. Blue, red or purple, but not golden, shades can be obtained.

1-Black and Blonde Hair Color

Black and Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Hair Highlights Black

The black coloring can be applied to all bases, and all original colors. If you start from a light blond or a chestnut, you will have to make a permanent hair coloring.

2-Black Underneath

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40 Blonde and Brown Highlights Hairstyles

Blonde, wild brown, glowing red … We like to change hair color like shirt, go from blond to brown and vice versa. But which color suits us best? Blonde hair? Brown? Between “men prefer blondes” and “brunettes count for prunes”, we get lost. And if it was redheads? Our investigation tries to solve this mystery!

1-Blonde and Brown Highlights Hairtyle

Blonde and Brown Highlights Hairtyle, Blonde Balayage Highlights Hair

All I have to do in the morning: irvingistable to change, it, now, all of süite.

2-Champagne Blonde Highlights

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35 Honey Blonde Hair Color

Venetian blonde, golden blond, ash blonde, platinum blonde, hard to know where to turn with these multiple shades! To choose harmonies rather warm (blond honey, golden) or cold (blond white, blond beige, pearly, ashy), study your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

1-Honey Blonde Hair Color

Honey Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Hair Color Honey

For matte, almost yellow skin, choose rather golden hues. For skin a little clearer, see dew, we will select on the other hand shades colder, almost ashy. But it is usually your hair base that will determine the best color to adopt.

2-Golden Brown Caramel

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25 Honey Blonde Short Hairstyles

Bright and glamorous, the blonde hair, the eyemilluminates the face. There are thirty different shades of blondes.

1-Honey Blonde Short Hairtyle

Honey Blonde Short Hairtyle, Balayage Blonde Honey Hairtyles

From blond gray to platinum blond, the gap is big. However, this summer, it is the blond honey that flew on the beauty planet. Golden, not too clear, very cold, it gives good appearance to fair skin and sublime complexions dull.

2-Short Bob Layered Cut

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38 Long Ombre Blonde Hair Ideas

Who has not dreamed of giving in to the trend of the long ombre hair? Also called shaded hair, this color that suits both blondes and brunettes puts the root effect in the spotlight. The more you go down to the tips, the more the hair is illuminated, up to 2 or 3 shades lighter than the base. All in a fine and subtle rendering, because it’s a sweep it is. We are all in cahoots with the shaded sweep, the proof in 38 inspirations.

1-Long Ombre Blonde Hair Idea

Long Ombre Blonde Hair Idea, Ombre Hair Blonde Long

The trend of shading, or shaded hair, adds to that of the sinking, the bronde, the Californian sweep or the tie and dye, a whole panoply of colorations in nuances that we have melted for a little while.

2-Blonde Balayage

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25 Blonde And Purple Hairstyles

It’s not just people with gothic looks who can wear purple hair. There is a wide range of shades that can change to any style. On the condition of accepting not to go unnoticed: we say, purple often makes a vibrant effect and dress. It can illuminate a look in an unusual way, but can also be elegant and soft. To each its purple!

1-Blonde and Purple Hairtyle

Blonde and Purple Hairtyle, Hair Purple Ombre Blonde

For a long time, unusual hair colors like blue, green or purple were cataloged. They were more or less reserved to people in the spirit of rock’n’roll, punk, gothic or manga fans!

2-Purple Blonde Balayage

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25 Short to Medium Blonde Hairstyles

What is a classic color? This is a goal of brightening or changing your natural color in the procedure of staining or fading wicks. This process is ideal for changing hair. By opting for a medium blonde hair, you find the heat and light on your hair in lack of radiance.

1-Short to Medium Blonde Hairtyle

Short to Medium Blonde Hairtyle, Blonde Medium Length Hair

All about the medium blond to dark brown, it will always take into account your basic color, but also the color of your skin, your eyes and your eyebrows to choose the appropriate color of the reflections to give. Whether golden blond, ash blond, caramel or honey, the sweep will blend with your color for a more natural effect. In order to give it all the relief it deserves, consider cutting it to a minimum.

2-Ash Violet Blonde

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23 Ciara Short Blonde Hair

This color becomes mythical at the beginning of the 50’s. Thanks to Marilyn Monroe in particular, platinum blond rhymes with femininity and glamor. Today, there are countless actresses who wear this hair color for a role or in everyday life. Became timeless, this color is very close to white. It is indeed a blond very clear and bright. It also requires a lot of maintenance and regular care.

1-Ciara Short Blonde Hair

If  blonde attracts women, it is also very restrictive. It is a radical color, which does not do in the half-measure. It is therefore important to think carefully before taking the plunge. If your hair is blond Venetian, red or light brown, you will have no problem. On the other hand, like Ciara, a lot of artists use this style.

Ciara Short Blonde Hair, Hair Ciara Blonde Singer

When the wavy bob cut is square and smoothing is straight, it has a graphic look ultra-defined. Simple but strong, and very chic, the smooth bob always promises a lot of pace! The style, it’s a classic.

2-Side Parted Wavy Bob

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20 Ash Blonde Hair Color

Venetian blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde, platinum blonde, hard to know where to turn with these multiple shades! To choose the harmonies rather warm (blond honey, golden) or blond (blond white, blond beige, pearly, ashy), study your eyelet and the color of your eyes.

1-Ash Blonde Hair Color

Almost yellow skin, choose rather golden hues. For skin a little clearer, see dew, we will select on the other hand shades colder, almost ashy. But it is usually your hair base that will determine the best color to adopt. This will depend on the color of your hair base. Thus, the clearer your hair, the more you will tend towards less aggressive and more natural techniques for the hair.

Ash Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Hair Color Balayage

Thus, we first gauge the complexion to better adapt the reflections. The polar blondes are rather reserved for very pale complexions while the golden blond goes very well with the golden skins.  The natural color of the hair is also important: if our hair is rather golden at the base, it will be hard to get a white blond. We stay in a solar blond, golden, honey or caramel. For a very light blonde, the ideal is an ashy base. Another determining factor is the color of the eyes.

2-Ashy Blonde

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28 Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blond is a very fair blond, almost white. “It represents the fantasy of purity and glamor. It is a cool and trendy coloring but difficult to keep more than three months harder to maintain. By the way, all tops that go platinum most often over a season. ” However, to give pep and relief to this color on perhaps the gray and pink hues, hyper trend.

1-Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The Importance Of Good Nuance For Hair

The mistake, which has often been seen in celebrity magazines, is to confuse platinum blonde with straw yellow, not necessarily voluntarily. To say the door open to the hair disaster and nicknames not very friendly. To avoid being called “my little chick” to 20 years ago, we turn to a good colorist and especially we drop the fading house.  In order not to hide its color under a cap, we trust an experienced hairdresser who will tell you if your hair is suitable for a bleaching treatment like this one.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color, Blonde Color Hair White

The ice blonde is not going to everyone. Color and nature of the hair, complexion of the skin, color of the eyes or eyebrows: many factors must be taken into account for the result to be as aesthetic as possible.  Before making the big jump, we ask ourselves the right questions.  I have blond, brown hair? So I can start without too much fear. Enlightening my hair to get a platinum blonde may not require several appointments at the hairdresser. I have dark hair, which goes from dark brown to raven black?

2-Ice Blonde

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